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Home Décor on a Budget

The secret to a home makeover isn't expensive, invasive, or time consuming. Swapping out and adding in home décor is an easy and efficient way to give your home or an individual room a quick refresh. Here are some of our favorite accents to add in any space.

Throw Pillows

The easiest way to update your living room or bedroom? Switch up your throw pillows! Accent pillows change the look and feel of your space without too much hassle – especially if you have neutral furniture that will play well with different colors and patterns. This is also a great way to try out home décor trends without spending too much.

Vases & Wreaths

A seasonal swap is always popular, especially when it comes to wreaths and vases. Try a seasonal wreath on your door for an inviting way to welcome guests. In the entryway, you can add some color or play with different shapes and heights with decorative vases. Bowls and trays will add a similar lived-in, found-object vibe that's both organic and on-trend.

Bonus Tip: Make your room appear larger and more dimensional by adding wall shelves. Whether it's mounting them above your sofa or headboard, wall shelves let you display sculptures, figurines, picture frames, and more. Wall shelves are a cost-efficient way of making your small space appear bigger as well as being functional for extra storage and display space.

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