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Hearth Rugs & Fireplace Rugs

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How to Use A Hearth Rug

The hearth has been a gathering place for family and friends across the ages. The word ‘hearth’ brings to mind cozy moments of conversation and comfortable closeness. The wood stove is a natural gathering place, and like other areas of your home, deserves to be beautifully finished. The addition of a hearth rug not only adds to the style of the space, but provides a barrier between the heat of the fire and flammable flooring.

Hearth rugs protect your flooring, fixtures, and furnishings from heat, soot, and errant sparks. Specially made of fire- and heat-resistant materials, they add safety and beauty when placed in front of your wood stove. Typically made of fiberglass, wool, or nylon, they come in a wide array of colors and styles. When used with a hearth pad, they create a dramatic focal point in your home. Hearth pads come in many sizes and shapes, protecting the room from heat while providing a beautiful touch of stone or tile.

Because of the exposure to heat and sparks, rugs must meet Federal flammability guidelines to be properly used in front of the hearth. Whether large or small, any room can benefit from the accent of color and style that a hearth rug imparts. Unlike accent or area rugs, safety is a primary concern when choosing a hearth rug.