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Jewelry Armoires & Cabinets

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Organizing Your Valuables with a Jewelry Armoire

Whether you're bewitched by bracelets or enraptured by earrings, jewelry armoires make it easy for you to organize your entire collection. These cabinets have hooks, drawers, cushioned rolls, and other features so you can easily separate and organize your pieces. Stop digging through your jewelry box to find a matching earring, and find the perfect jewelry armoire to keep everything organized.

What kinds of jewelry armoires are available?

Choose from several types of jewelry armoires to accommodate your jewelry collection and to fit nicely in your bedroom. Regardless of type, jewelry armoires open like cabinets to reveal hooks for hanging necklaces and compartments for organizing rings, bracelets, earrings, and other items. The most common jewelry armoires to choose from include:

  • Cheval: Cheval armoires are full-length mirrors that open up and store your jewelry inside. The mirror sits tall and tilts, so it's essential for getting ready and checking out your outfit before leaving the house. They may even have drawers at the bottom for additional storage. These are multifunctional jewelry armoires that are great if you are short on space.
  • Standing: standing armoire is a freestanding piece of furniture that comes in many shapes, sizes, and styles. There's no need to mount the armoire to the wall, so it's easy to move if needed. Smaller armoires fit on top of a vanity or other piece of furniture for easy access, too.
  • Wall-mounted: Mounted armoires attach to the wall and don't take up any floor space. You can put all of your jewelry at eye level so it's easy to reach. You will need tools to mount the armoire correctly.
  • Over the door: Hanging armoires are designed to fit over standard size doors, so be sure to take measurements if your doors are unusually narrow. You have all of the benefits of a wall-mounted armoire, but you don't have to worry about damaging your walls or installing it incorrectly.

Which features should I look for in a jewelry armoire?

There are a number of features to choose from that add to convenience and security. A built-in mirror makes it easy for you to put on your jewelry and see if it matches your outfit. Lighted jewelry armoires make it easy to see your collection and see how each piece looks when you try it on.

If you have some valuable pieces, keep them safe with a locking jewelry armoire. A simple lock is also a good idea if you have kids who enjoy rummaging through your jewelry cabinet to play dress up.

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How do I select the right size jewelry armoire?

Before selecting a jewelry armoire, consider the size of your space and the size of your jewelry collection. Jewelry armoires come in a wide range of sizes, from small chests that sit on top of your nightstand to large cabinets that can be the same size as your bedroom dresser. Measure the space you have available in your room to find the armoire that is the right size for you. If you plan to expand your collection, consider one that gives you room to grow

Jewelry armoires are functional and decorative. They keep your collection organized and protected while complementing your decorative style. Finding jewelry storage to keep your treasures safe is even easier when you focus on helpful features and the size that fits everything — with a little room to grow that collection.