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How to Shop for Mirrors

A mirror has the potential to transform your décor, making rooms lighter and brighter, and giving the illusion of extra space. Before you make your next purchase, take a moment to reflect on these common questions to help you get the perfect mirrors for your space.

What are the different types of mirrors?

There are many types of mirrors, categorized by size, shape, and style. Some of the most common types include:

  • Vanity: A vanity or makeup mirror is a useful addition in your bathroom or closet. Available in large sizes to fit nicely over a bathroom sink, vanity mirrors make it easy to see your makeup, hair, and outfit while you're getting ready in the morning.
  • Wall: Decorative square and rectangular wall mirrors have an elegant style and work well in spaces like your living room or bedroom. Round mirrors have a contemporary feel, while oval mirrors are more traditional, especially if they have ornate, decorative frames. If you want your mirror to blend into the surroundings, look for an unobtrusive, frameless design.
  • Floor and Leaning: Large leaning mirrors are generously proportioned and are designed to rest against the wall without hanging from it. They often come with hardware to keep their tops secured to the wall, though. These full length mirrors are ideal for letting you check your outfit when you're getting ready. Floor mirrors may also come in their own frames that hold them upright on your floor. These can be ideal in a space like a closet where you might not have room to hang something on the wall.

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How big should my mirror be?

The purpose of the mirror often dictates its size. Small mirrors are better as accents, adding flourishes of designer style and flickers of interest, while oversized mirrors serve to enlarge the space and create more light. Full-length mirrors should be at least half the height of the tallest person who uses it in order to show a reflection of the entire body. The most important thing is to make sure you have enough space, so always measure your wall carefully.

How can I arrange mirrors?

Mirrors are just as useful for decoration as they are for their functional applications. Try grouping several mirrors of different sizes and shapes on one wall in your living room to create interest while also helping to bounce the light around. For example, you might try a grouping of different shapes — rectangular, oval, and square — that have a unifying feature such as beveled edges or the same metal frame color. You can also create a great geometric arrangement with octagon mirrors grouped in a honeycomb shape. A large mirror in your hallway really opens out the space and makes your home feel more welcoming, while putting an arch (sometimes called arched window mirrors) or sunburst mirror over your mantel creates a fascinating focal point that draws attention to the warmest part of your home.

However you use them, mirrors present the perfect way to add the finishing touch that makes a house into a home. No matter what room you want to add a mirror to, there's a design that you'll love in the space.

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