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Style Meets Function with Room Dividers

A room divider is the perfect way to section off areas of your home. Whether you live in a small space and need a wall divider to a create separate area, or you have a large space that needs a room partition or screen to anchor your space, Hayneedle has plenty of options.

Room dividers come in four main types including sliding, hanging, shutter, and photo frame designs. Each type of room partition can help transform a room with style, color, pattern and functionality. A photo frame screen helps display precious memories, while a hanging screen acts as a movable curtain to divide a room. With so many options for your home, you can find the perfect room dividers at Hayneedle.

In nearly every color and in dozens of patterns, you’ll love the design possibilities with wall dividers. Choose from traditional or Modern room dividers, Asian and Shoji screens, decorative room dividers or rustic styles. You can select an art deco screen or an art print room divider to decorate your space, too. Or, for even more functionality, choose a bookcase room divider as a way to add extra storage space. Hayneedle even offers kids room dividers and outdoor dividers, so there is truly a room partition in our selection for every space.

Room dividers come in many sizes depending on the number of panels. Choose a simple single panel screen or an elaborate room divider with seven panels or more. You can truly customize your home with a fabric, metal or wooden screen. Try something unique such as a bamboo, canvas, glass, leather, or rice paper screen. Hayneedle’s selection of room dividers will have you wanting one in many rooms of your home.

What's in a name? In the case of room dividers, a lot more than just simple division. Decoration, storage, light and sound control, and organization are just some of the many things that dividers can do. Here's how to find the one that works best for you and your multi-use space.

Whether it's a privacy screen, a room partition, or a decorative accent, a room divider works best when its style suits its function. Here are some of the most popular divider uses and the best types for the job.

Light control - Shutter room dividers with adjustable blinds and two-way hinges are among our most popular, best-reviewed dividers at Hayneedle. They're great for almost any task, but they excel at light control. The two-way hinges let you fold the panels in either direction, and the blinds can be raised, slanted, or closed as needed.

Commercial - Built for noise reduction and easy mobility, our commercial designs include sound-control room dividers and portable screens equipped with rolling casters. Extra-large sizes, tackable panels, and 360-degree hinges make these ideal for conferences, cubicle construction, and more.

Privacy - If full privacy is your priority, then hanging room dividers are a smart place to start. These are typically fabric curtain kits that are perfect for something like shielding a bed in a studio alcove. For corporate settings or large, open floor plans that require something more elegant, try one of our sliding door kits, which include traditional Shoji designs.

Storage & Organization - Any divider can partition a space for discreet storage, but some designs go beyond the blocking of visual clutter to create added functionality out of thin air. In crafting rooms or home offices, a frame with fabric pocket organizers can hold all kinds of small, useful items. Our open-backed bookcase room dividers provide lots of versatile storage, splitting a room while maintaining a sense of visual cohesion and openness. v

Decoration - From creating the illusion of extra space to adding color, texture, or period style to rooms, the decorative possibilities of privacy screens are virtually endless. These are some of the most popular styles among Hayneedle shoppers:

  • Photo frame: these best-selling dividers can hold multiple photos in each panel.
  • Asian/Shoji: typically crafted with rice paper in wood lattice panels, these lightweight traditional screens are easy to move in multi-use rooms.
  • Rustic: made from wood, bark, bamboo, and other earthy and eco-friendly materials, these designs bring rich textures to home and office interiors.
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