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Bunk Beds & Loft Beds

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Double Up on Sleeping Space with Bunk Beds & Loft Beds

When two or more people share a room, it's important to make sure that each person has enough space to feel comfortable. A bunk or loft bed makes the best use of your vertical space, elevating the bed to create room underneath for another mattress or a work space. When you choose the right type of frame for the bedroom it’s easy to make the place feel like home for everyone living there.

What's the difference between a bunk bed and a loft bed?

Both types of beds feature a sturdy frame that brings the mattress high above the floor. Bunk beds are great for siblings who share a space or as an extra spot to for a friend to use during a sleepover. Whereas the single mattress of loft beds allow you to keep most of the floor space free for any number of uses.

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What age is good for bunk beds?

Children love bunk and loft beds, especially that top bunk! However if your child isn't coordinated enough to easily climb a ladder or stairs, you should probably wait before letting them claim the top spot. Safety is most important and, although bunk beds are required to comply with federal safety standards, it's best to make sure that your child won't have any trouble maneuvering up or down. Otherwise, these beds are great options for kids and even teens, who may appreciate having the additional space.

What else should I consider when purchasing a loft or bunk bed?

First and foremost is the size of the bed. How much room do you have? Do the people who will be using the bed need a larger mattress, or will they be comfortable on a twin-size bed that leaves more space in the rest of the room?

Most of the upper beds can be reached via a ladder that's attached to one end of the bunk, but you can find some loft beds or bunk beds with stairs. While stairs take up a little more room, they also create a completely different aesthetic and may be easier for young legs to navigate. For an even more entertaining time, certain beds are designed with a slide that makes for a quick ride down to the ground.

Storage space is essential in a bedroom, and many beds come with storage drawers built into them. Loft beds may have drawers beneath an attached desk, while bunk beds occasionally feature a pull-out drawer beneath the bottom bunk. Decide what you need the most in your space-saving bedroom before shopping for a bunk or loft bed, and you'll be able to narrow your choices down to the one that fits your home best.

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