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Youth & Kids Beds

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Find the Best Kids Bed

Your littlest one has outgrown the crib and despite how cute they look sleeping between you and your partner right now, trust us, you need to get them their own bed! Shopping for a child's first bed (usually around age two) is definitely exciting, but it's also a bit overwhelming given the many styles available on today's market. You know you need something low to the ground that a toddler can climb into and out of safely, but what else? Do you go for something traditional or elaborate? Is one bed better for sleepovers than another? Can you get a bed that's spacious and comfy yet still allows room for a toy box and dresser? Hayneedle is the best place to buy a kids bed and we can guide you through a list of potential bed types so you discover the bed that offers the perfect balance of fun and function.

Kids bookcase bed Kids Bookcase Beds

A bookcase bed is a smart way to maximize space in your child's room and an absolute must for a little bookworm. Forgoing the usual headboard and footboard, this classic bed design features a bookcase attached at one or both ends, giving your kiddo some nifty storage/display space for their favorite stories, toys, and more. This is a great option for smaller bedrooms and nurseries as you'll conserve floor space and give your child more room to play.

Kids canopy bed Kids Canopy Beds

A canopy bed is quite similar to the poster bed because, well, it has posters. The difference is that these decorative corner columns are adorned or draped with cloth, which sometimes completely encloses the bed for an even more enchanting effect. Canopy beds are especially good for children who sleep in bright bedrooms and need a little extra shade before they can count sheep.

Kids daybed Kids Daybeds

Think of the versatile daybed as a cross between a bed, sofa, and chaise lounge. Traditionally twin-sized and often accompanied by a trundle for storage or expanded sleeping capacity, a daybed is excellent for lounging, reclining, and seating. If your child will spend most of their time chillin' in their bedroom with friends, this bed will make the space a far more comfortable hang-out.

Kids panel bed Kids Panel Beds

Panel and platform beds are the most common designs you'll find in any store. Flat wood panel headboards and footboards are what define the panel bed and they come in a wide variety of styles and exciting themes. Panel beds may also come with lavish upholstery or decorative moulding for a grand, mature look that won't embarrass your little one when they enter their teenage years, which means you won't have to buy another bed 10 years from now. Win!

Kids platform bed Kids Platform Beds

Platform beds are made up of a simple box base design that doesn't necessarily even require a headboard. The minimalist frame will usually extend all the way to the floor, but there are models that also sport legs like a panel bed. Platform beds come in all sizes and styles including a few that look like racecars! Yes, since initial fabrication is so simple, manufacturers can have fun with a platform bed and forego wood and metal construction for moulded plastic shaped and painted to resemble anything from airplanes and carriages to boats, burgers, and bird nests. Your child will grow out of such a whimsical sleep space eventually, but it'll sure be adorable until then.

Kids poster bed Kids Poster Beds

Poster beds can be extraordinarily ornate and elaborate and they are just the thing to make your little girl feel like a princess. These beds flaunt four vertical columns, one in each corner, and often support an upper panel. Whether you want to the full majesty of curtains ala a canopy bed is up to you and, of course, your highness. And while poster beds for girls are undeniably popular, don't forget that little boys like to feel like royalty, too!

Kids sleigh bed Kids Sleigh Beds

What kid doesn't enjoy a good sleigh ride? This elegant design takes the traditional panel bed a bit further and features a scrolled headboard and footboard for an old fashioned sleigh look. Sleigh beds can be constructed from modern metals or more rustic woods and feature as little or as much ornamentation as you desire. A sturdy classic that never goes out of style, the sleigh bed won't need replacing come high school unless your child grows like a beanstalk and requires an even bigger sleigh bed to keep their toes behind the scrolls.

Kids storage bed Kids Storage Beds

A multi-purpose storage bed is just the thing to save space in a modestly-sized children's room. Also known as a captain's bed, this popular design takes the traditional bed frame and turns it into a versatile piece of furniture complete with a variety of storage and display options for toys, clothes, games, and decorative items like photos, trophies, and other collectibles. How many organizing options you want is entirely up to you as there are some models that go so far as to include linen drawers built into the footboard, bookcases integrated into the headboard, and an entire nightstand attached to one side. A kids bed with storage is easily found in an array of size options from twin storage beds all the way up to queen storage beds.

Kids trundle bed Kids Trundle Beds

A trundle bed is ideal for the child who has friends sleep over frequently for slumber parties. It's essentially two beds in one with the extra mattress hidden in its own sliding foundation that extends out from the base when needed and glides back inside to be totally hidden when not in use. It's a great way to conserve floor space and can be utilized for linen and toy storage as well.

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