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Keeping Kids' Rooms Tidy

Kids' rooms can cause a major headache when it comes to keeping your home neat and organized. From overflowing toy boxes to crayon drawings on the walls, the biggest household messes always seem to come from its littlest residents. If you're ready for a bit of an organizational overhaul in your little one's room, keep reading—Hayneedle's got all the beds, desks, and dressers you need to keep kids' messes at bay.

Make it Multifunctional

In the ideal kids' room, there's a place for everything, and everything is in its place. The trick? Furniture that serves more than one purpose. For extra storage space, look for kids' beds with built-in drawers, or headboards that double as bookshelves. To maximize floor space in small or shared bedrooms, opt for bunk beds, or choose a lofted bed and create an activity space beneath.

Create Distinct Zones

The easiest way to keep a kid's room organized is to establish specific "zones" that serve unique purposes: for example, a play area with an activity table and ample toy storage, or a study nook with a kids' desk and bookcase. Keep laundry hampers in the same zone as the dresser or the closet. When it comes time for your little one to clean her room, let her tackle each zone individually, or set up a chore chart where a different zone is tidied each day.

Hayneedle carries a wide range of furniture and storage solutions to help kids bust clutter and learn lifelong organizational skills, no matter their ages, interests, or personal styles. Shop our selection of beds, desks, décor, and more, and create a space your little one will love.

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