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Bedding & Bedding Sets

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Stylish Bedding

Refresh Your Bedroom with New Bedding

When you're yearning for a fresh look in your bedroom, switching things up is as easy as choosing new bedding. A bedding set gives you everything you need to breathe new life into your master or guest bedroom. Learn more about different types of bedding and their sizes to help narrow down your selection as you shop.

What sizes do bedding and bed sets come in?

Bedding and bedding sets are available in standardized sizes to fit typical mattress sizes. Consider the size of your bed first and foremost, and then select bedding that's designed to fit. If you like a more voluminous look, you can always size up. For example, use a king comforter on a queen-sized bed for a dramatic look if you want the comforter's side drop to be longer. Common mattress and bedding sizes include:

And if you're in need bedding that will be right at home in any dorm, there are also a number of Twin XL size bedding options designed to fit Twin XL mattresses that typically measure 39 in. wide by 80 inches long.

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What types of bedding are available?

There's a variety of bedding styles and types to choose from, and each can help you create the sleeping space of your dreams. Consider one of these types as you're planning what to add to or replace from your current bedroom setup.

  • Bed in a bag: A bed in a bag set is a bag that comes with everything you need to make up a completely decorated bed, including matching flat and fitted bed sheets, a comforter, accent pillows, and pillow cases. This is a more complete ensemble than what you might find in a comforter or duvet set. Some bed in a bag sets come with 10 or more pieces.
  • Bedding sets: A bedding set gives you all the basics you need to set up a coordinating bedding look, but it isn't as comprehensive as a bed in a bag set. These are ideal if you still want to pick out a few pieces, like accent pillows, that don't match the rest of your bed. A bedding set typically comes with a comforter or quilt and two matching pillow shams, which are decorative pillow covers. These sets might also come with a matching fitted or flat sheet.
  • Bedspreads: A bedspread is a thin comforter or quilt that's intended for use as the top layer of your bedding. It may be all you need in summer or an extra layer of warmth in winter. Bedspreads also look great folded at the end of the bed for an extra pop of color. They're often available in solid colors or light patterns and can give the bed a finished look by smoothing everything out when you spread them over the mattress, sheets, and comforter.
  • Comforters: A comforter is a thick and usually fluffy blanket that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can use it on its own so the pattern is visible. These blankets are quite thick because they're filled with down or down alternative, and they're meant to keep you warm and toasty during cool weather. Many comforters have what's called baffling, which means they're sewn in a way to keep the filling evenly dispersed across the blanket instead of bunching in a corner.
  • Daybed bedding: Covers for daybeds are designed to fit specifically on these pieces of furniture. They may drape down the shorter ends and open side of the daybed mattress, so they have different proportions than typical twin-sized mattress coverings. Often, daybed covers have three sides much like a bed skirt, and they may fit tightly over the mattress to make it easier to sit on during the day.
  • Duvet covers: These covers are essentially large fabric sacks into which you place a comforter. They may have fun patterns or interesting textures, so they help you change up the look of your comforter without buying a completely new one.
  • Quilts and coverlets: Coverlets and quilts are thinner than comforters but still typically have a layer of batting inside to make them warm and comfortable. They aren't meant to cover your entire bed and reach the floor like a bedspread. However, like bedspreads, they're light enough to serve as your only layer during warm summers, and they can make a chilly bed warmer on a winter's night. Quilts and coverlets may have bright, colorful designs. Traditionally coverlets are woven and quilts are made of cut pieces of fabric sewn together in a design.
  • Are you ready to inject some new color and style into the bedrooms in your home? Consider the size of your bed, and then enjoy putting together a dream-worthy ensemble by choosing the type of bedding you want in the space.

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