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Bull Outdoor Products

Bull Outdoor Products

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Bull Outdoor Products

Bull Outdoor Products will change the way you barbecue. The award-winning grills and grill accessories are designed, engineered, and master-crafted with the finest materials available. All Bull Stainless Steel products are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, which allows residential customers to cook on commercial-quality grills. Bull Outdoor Products Inc. pioneered the concept of outdoor barbecue islands, recognizing the need for backyard barbecue enthusiasts to bring their grilling talents to match those of professional chefs. 

Bull Grills

No man is an island, but some islands are all man. Bull Outdoor Products pioneered the concept of the outdoor kitchen island, drawing true gourmet cooking out of the house and into the backyard. Anchored by world-class grills and a cadre of cooking accessories, Bull provides a complete line of outdoor cooking that's yet to be equaled.

There's a Bull in the Backyard

Backyard cooking has gone gourmet, and that means more than a simple grill grate to heat your meat. Bull grill islands and carts incorporate many of the most important parts of the complete kitchen, allowing the chef to spend more time cooking and less time making trips back inside. Each is anchored by a state-of-the-art grill head, built by Bull with 304 restaurant-grade stainless steel and state-of-the-art burners, accessories, grates, and an incredible heat-retaining dual-lined hood. Many Bull models incorporate infrared cooking, rotisseries, searing burners, and more unique ways to customize your cooking experience. There's a Bull grill head that's perfect for every chef. Once you find the one for you, it's time to accessorize!


Don't think your backyard can handle building full-on outdoor kitchen island? Think again. Bull has eliminated the contractor and expense of having a kitchen station custom-built by designing incredible kitchen islands that can be delivered to you whole. With beautiful countertops, finishes to match any backyard decor, and just about everything else, there's a Bull kitchen island that fits your lifestyle. Built in, you'll find everything from storage drawers to refrigerators to side burners to cocktail prep stations. However you can picture yourself cooking, wining, and dining, Bull can help you realize that vision.


Can't be tied down to a grill island? Bull grill carts accommodate their incredible grill heads a little more traditionally, with a movable body and four familiar casters. Each is rendered in the same high-grade stainless steel as your favorite Bull grill head, ready to match it perfectly and provide a more mobile cooking experience. You'll the get added benefit of drawers below, perfect for storing supplies and hiding a propane tank.


Oh, yeah, there's definitely more. Shop Bull Outdoor and you'll find a complete line of individual grill island components as well as incredible accessories to help you once you've installed your grill. All the drawers, doors, sinks, and other pieces are available alone for those with a particular kitchen vision - go ahead, create something you've always dreamed of. If you've already got your Bull going, check out grilltop cooking accessories, skewers, pizza peels, woks, griddles, spices and more. Think you know everything about grilling already? Bull.


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