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Feel the quality. Taste the difference.


Char-Griller BBQ grills and smokers are designed for the professional BBQ'er in you. Whether you grill in the backyard or in professional events, the spacious capacity and even cooking temperatures of Char-Griller products combine for consistently delicious barbecue 


Whether it's steaks in the backyard or burgers for the masses, a Char-Griller grill makes all the difference. Engineering and experience drive everything about Char-Griller's professional grills and smokers, at a price that'll make you believe in the power of tongs.

A Complete Grilling Experience

Cooking with fire is a visceral, primal experience that needn't be tampered with. Char-Griller knows this, so they've designed their grills and smokers for the most seamless and pure cooking experience possible. You'll find designs that not only make set-up easier, but cooking more efficient, like adjustable grates and built-in thermostats and ash pans. Storage space beneath charcoal grills and smokers, wood prep areas, and unique combinations of cooking types are hallmarks of Char-Griller. Whether you prefer charcoal or gas, slow-cooking or smoking, or all of them at once, there's a Char-Griller for you.

Steel Makes the Difference

A grill isn't something you should have to buy every season - it should weather the winter with you as a fiery extension of your kitchen and self. Every Char-Griller grill is made from heavy-duty steel coated in a weather-resistant black powder-coat finish for reliable performance year after year. All-steel hoods are great at retaining heat while searing and smoking and steel grates distribute heat across all your dishes.

Char-Grillin' Good

Since Char-Griller is one of the most trusted brands around, we're proud to provide the full selection of Char-Griller grills and accessories. You'll find all grills smokers from small to large, as well as spit rods for rotisserie cooking, spatulas, utensils, and weatherproof covers to complete your kit.