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Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders

The Original All Weather Wicker Furniture

Carrying on the traditions of Marshall B. Lloyd, Lloyd/Flanders brings the sophistication of timeless furniture designs to a sophisticated, modern audience. Using modern production processes and materials, these classic styles are faithfully rendered in a way that can be enjoyed by customers anywhere with high-quality construction and reliable, all-weather designs. Learn More

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Lloyd/Flanders® Wicker

Few companies can lead an industry, much less create one. Lloyd/Flanders has done both, providing a century of innovative leadership since the Lloyd? Loom was patented in 1917. Proudly made in America, their indoor and outdoor wicker furniture offers heirloom-quality style and all-weather performance.

The Legacy of Marshall B. Lloyd

Marshall Burns Lloyd made 200 inventions in his lifetime, revolutionizing three different industries, and forever transforming the way that fine wicker furniture is woven. The Michigan factory Lloyd founded in 1906 is the very same factory used today by Lloyd/Flanders® to create its wicker furniture, using both modern innovations and Lloyd's timeless traditions. Since its acquisition by the Flanders family in 1983, Lloyd/Flanders has expanded its versatility, becoming the most trusted and sought-after outdoor wicker furniture brand.

In-House Technology & Unmatched Quality

The processes pioneered by Lloyd are still involved today in the construction of Lloyd/Flanders wicker. High-resin content craft paper is mixed with hot glue and then twisted, forming an incredibly strong and durable fiber. During weaving, a fiber-wrapped aluminum wire is added to the horizontal "stakes" every ¾ inch, giving the wicker superb structural strength. The wicker is stapled with high-pressure stainless steel staples into the extruded aluminum frame. The resulting furniture is extraordinarily strong and durable. Lloyd/Flanders offers a three-year manufacturer's warranty on all products. Less than 1/10 of 1% of Lloyd/Flanders furniture is returned because of manufacturing defects.

Weather-Resistant Style & Hassle-Free Comfort

All-weather performance is essential to outdoor living, but so is a beautiful patio and comfortable seat. The Lloyd/Flanders wicker at is a winner in all three categories. Lloyd/Flanders' Comfort Plus Seating System features a high-resiliency foam core with a Hollofil wrap, encased in water-resistant material with reversible fabric, keeping moisture out while still allowing the fabric to breathe. All Lloyd/Flanders covers are removable and machine washable (air dry only). With 17 different wicker frame finishes and over 150 fabric styles, there's a beautiful Lloyd/Flanders look for every patio decor.

Lloyd/Flanders Contemporary Collections

The mix of modern and traditional that defines Lloyd/Flanders is spectacularly evident in the contemporary wicker furniture collections at From coastal elegance to comfy Americana, the styles of Lloyd/Flanders wicker chairs and sets are ready for summer action or lazy afternoon inaction. Shop now for the best deals on Lloyd/Flanders, the original all-weather wicker.