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Mid-West Homes for Pets

Midwest Metal. Great Homes for Great Pets

Mid-West Homes for Pets

In 1921, Mid-West Metal Products made only one item, a Kruse Switch Box Support, and over the years began manufacturing millions of wire and sheet metal component parts. By 1960, they were producing training crates for pets. Today, Midwest Homes for Pets, a division of Mid-West Metal Products, produces and markets a variety of pet containment products. These products include dog crates, training puppy crates, dog kennels, cat playpens, bird cages, vehicle barriers, soft-sided carriers, grooming tables and much more. They also manufacture a full line of pet accessories like beds and feeding dishes. 

How to Crate train Your Dog

Making Pets at Home

They can have tails, feathers, paws or claws, but they'll all be glad to come home to a Midwest Metal Homes for Pets. Designed to bring animals and people together, a full range of products create pens, shelters, carriers and crates that offer safety and comfort to your furry (or feathered) companions.

Midwest Metal Homes for Pets

Good therapists and animal trainers agree: Boundaries are healthy. You know what they say about good fences making good neighbors? Midwest Metal Homes for Pets knows that even though you love them, they need a space that's their own. For almost a century, they've been in the business of making sure that anyone with paws or claws has an address they can call theirs.

Whether it barks, purrs, chirps or makes whatever noise you get from rabbits, Midwest Homes for Pets has a way to get them some real estate that's safe, durable and appropriate for their specific needs. Social interaction, safety and the kind of activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle for dogs, cats, ferrets birds or bunnies is all part of the design process for this Indiana-based company. Home habitats for dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds and more are available for your home, business or if you just want your animal companion to join you as you head out on the road.

Creating healthy environments that can be shared by pets and the people who love them has always been a goal of Midwest Metal Homes for Pets. From the basic wire exercise pens to a folding camper crate for a weekend in the great outdoors, every product has been thoughtfully researched and designed using input from both the customers and their furry (or feathered) users. Providing quality for the customers while making sure that each product is suitable for the task and brings animal and animal-lover together is part of why Midwest Metal Homes for Pets is able to stand tall in the crowded marketplace of pet supplies and accessories.