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New England Arbors

Like wood, only better.

New England Arbors

The world's leading manufacturer of premium vinyl arbor kits, New England Arbors was founded in a simple barn in the late 1990's. There the founders began replicating the beauty of New England design with simple, low-maintenance vinyl materials. The business has grown since then, now supplying arbors, pergolas, and trellises all over America and beyond. With headquarters in Port Huron, Mich., and Sarnia, Ontario in Canada, New England Arbors is dedicated to the creation of the most attractive and durable vinyl arbors possible. 

New England Arbors

There's a secret to New England Arbors' enduring success - and its endurance. In NEA's low-maintenance vinyl arbors, the ageless charm of traditional New England design meets the unrivaled longevity of modern material engineering. For climbing roses, flowering vines, and romantic gardeners, New England is nirvana.

Tough Love

An arbor may be a symbol of love and tranquility, but beneath all that symbolism and greenery is the slow, secret slaughter of wear and tear and weathering. But there's no need to worry. Beneath the pure white beauty and colonial charm of your New England Arbors arbor is a structure so resilient that its materials and workmanship are backed by a 20-year manufacturer's warranty. New England Arbors knows what goes on in gardens and the level of toughness that's required for an arbor to endure. Their arbors and garden accessories are not only made from the highest-quality vinyl, but they're also designed to meet the most exacting structural standards - standards that are tested and approved every day by nature itself.

The Final Word in Vinyl

Unlike traditional arbor materials such as cedar or metal, a vinyl arbor from New England Arbors will provide exceptional endurance with a minimum of upkeep. New England Arbors vinyl arbors shrug off termites and insects. They won't rot, deteriorate, warp, or buckle, no matter the weather. And in gardens where appearance matters as much as performance, an NEA arbor's lasting beauty can be maintained with little more than the occasional spray from a garden hose.

Bring New England Home at Hayneedle.com

New England Arbors is the world's leading manufacturer of premium vinyl arbor kits, and the best way to bring New England home is at hayneedle.com. It gets even better, gardeners: the New England Arbors selection at hayneedle.com is complemented by accessories from their sister company, Mayne, maker of outdoor products of distinction.