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Precision Pet Products

Precision Pet Products

From the people who know pets best.

Precision Pet Products is an established and respected manufacturer supplying a wide variety of pet products to all facets of the pet industry since 1985. Located in Orange County, California, the Precision Pet Products team assures that their products are constructed from the strongest materials available and designed to withstand the wear and tear of the most active of pets and pet handlers. Learn More

Precision Pet Products

The people at Precision Pet Products know that having a pet is a celebrated aspect of life. They craft their products to be comfortable and multi-functional, addressing the many variables that come with pet ownership. Since 1985, innovative style and durability are the hallmarks of items for dogs, cats, chickens, and everything between.

Crafting Creature Comforts

Utilizing innovative design and strong materials, Precision Pet Products aims to underline the special relationship between people and their pets. What started as a dog crate company has since blossomed into an established and respected manufacturer of stylish, functional products for dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and more. True to their origins, the wire pet crates stand the test of time, and teeth! Their pet beds feature designer fabrics and plush cushioning, some made from recycled plastic bottles for eco-friendly homes. Precision dog houses, chicken coops, and rabbit hutches are crafted to complement your home and yard. Shingled roofs, insulated walls, and even porches can be found among the selection. Tools for training and entertaining are also part of Precision?s extensive catalog. happily offers Precision Pet Products to our animal enthusiasts!