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Telescope Casual Furniture

Telescope Casual Furniture

Producing quality outdoor furniture for over a century.

Telescope Casual Furniture

After 100 years in an industry where design differentiation is crucial for success, Telescope Casual Furniture has become known for its ability to stand out. The century-old manufacturer exceeds most retailers' expectations not only by consistently turning out unique products, but also by maintaining an unwavering stance with respect to quality. Recipient of the Casual Furniture Retailers Association Manufacturer Leadership Award, the Granville, N.Y.-based company will continue to push the envelope on already high standards for the next 100 years. 

Telescope Casual

If your patio could shop for itself, it would spend hours in the dressing room trying on every piece of Telescope Casual. Styles both modern and traditional in a rainbow of colors and the latest, all-weather materials make this the one-stop for the well-dressed outdoor space.

Discover What Telescope Casual Has to Offer

It's taken a single family five generations of hard work to get Telescope Casual to where it is today, but for the rest of us, it's been a comfortable ride all the way.

For nearly a century, Telescope Casual has approached outdoor furniture with a few simple ideas, and those ideas have made all the difference. Innovative materials, customizable style and durable, affordable pieces have made them the market leader in outdoor furniture ever since they let us choose the color of our Director's Chairs in the 1950's. From their base of operations in Granville, NY, they bring the best materials together with the latest tastes and styles in outdoor furniture.

With Telescope Casual, your style has always been just that: Your style. Creating the desirable outdoor space that you don't want to leave requires your input, and with the full range of classic and contemporary styles with a rainbow of finish and fabric options, a truly you-inspired space is just a few clicks away.

From marine-grade polymers to powder-coated aluminum and all-weather, fade-resistant fabrics, Telescope Casual makes sure that your products are prepared for all environments. Each piece is designed for minimal maintenance, and designed to last.

Telescope Casual not only cares about the effects of the environment, they take seriously their effect on the environment as well. Using sustainable and recycled products, as well as recycling their own waste has been a part of Telescope Casual's operations since they began.