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Decorating with Topiary Christmas Trees

Topiary Christmas Trees

Topiary, the art of shaping trees and shrubs into decorative forms such as geometrical shapes or animal figures, has been a practice of ornamental gardeners for over 2,000 years. Rumor has it that when his sleigh is garaged, Santa is a champion topiary artist. From the looks of this spiral-shaped topiary Christmas tree, it seems that Santa has been putting his hobby-and his hedge clippers-to interesting use. The seven-foot Yukon Spiral Pre-lit Christmas Tree with Clear Lights puts a literal twist on the classic Christmas tree.

Topiary Christmas trees, like topiary itself, come in a variety of styles. Asian forms of topiary, such as bonsai in Japan, use shaped miniatures. Some topiary Christmas trees are thus so-named for their smallness rather than their idiosyncratic shape. These small topiary Christmas trees are perfect for walkways or entryways. Large topiaries, like the seven-foot spiral topiary pictured here, bring unexpected shapes to a home's contemporary Christmas interior. Its modern style is a fun yet practical choice for decorators who want a standard-sized Christmas tree, but find standard Christmas trees too bushy or widespread. Its set of 400 pre-lit bulbs is designed for low-maintenance upkeep: if a bulb burns out or is removed, the set stays lit.

Decorating with Flocked Christmas Trees

Flocking isn't just what birds of a feather do together. It's also something families can do together during the holiday season. Traditionally performed with tufts of wool or cotton, flocking gives artificial Christmas trees the beautiful appearance of snow-bearing branches. However, flocking can be a very messy tradition, what with all the glues and sprays now commonly used. Flocked Christmas trees such as this Flocked Idaho Pine Medium Pre-Lit Christmas Tree are a simple and gorgeous alternative for homes in need of a white Christmas.

The flocked Christmas tree is one of the most beautiful Christmas tree styles. Creating that snowy effect at home is a lot of work: instructions often feature the use of a vacuum cleaner, applicator gun, etc., and the end result doesn't last. Flocked Christmas trees (sometimes called frosted Christmas trees) bring the season home in even the warmest climates, with a superior beauty and realism that will last from one Christmas to the next. This pre-lit flocked pine is a marvelously lush and glowing tree. At 78 inches tall with a 42-inch base, it's perfectly sized for most living rooms. It even features a remote control - and unlike TV "snow," flocking is the kind of snow that you can happily watch for hours.

Flocked Christmas Trees

Decorating with Colored Christmas Trees

Colored Christmas Trees

Some decorators value artificial Christmas trees for their low-maintenance realism. Others love the riot of bold and festive colors that can be wedded to the season's traditional forms. Brilliant red most definitely qualifies as bold and festive. Colored Christmas trees such as this Ashley Red Pre-lit 7.5 Ft. Christmas Tree heighten the holiday experience of everyone who sees them, emanating a cheerful radiance that can bring even the most familiar holiday decorations to life. If your Christmas party decor needs an unforgettable star, there's no better choice than this red-lit Technicolor Tannenbaum.

Lifelikeness is often the biggest selling point of artificial Christmas trees. But in a season that's celebrated with such a standard decorating repertoire, embracing their less conventional decorating possibilities can give artificial trees a much greater impact. The artificial Christmas tree palette isn't limited to evergreens and everreds. Silver and white Christmas trees are traditional favorites, and the daring decorator will also find lime green, pink, black, and blue Christmas tree options. One of the more popular colored Christmas tree innovations is Christmas trees in college color schemes. These colorful two-tone Christmas trees are ideal as holiday gifts for college grads or as centerpieces for January BCS and bowl game parties.

Decorating with Un-Lit Christmas Trees

Gold, frankincense, myrrh, and… burlap? The three wise men might not have carried it with them, but chances are their donkeys were well acquainted with the material. The Pistol Pine Unlit Christmas Tree doesn't glow like yonder star, but its warmth and simplicity charmingly evoke the manger-bound elements of Christmas nativity scenes. This tabletop Christmas tree is a subtle and versatile alternative both to large unlit Christmas trees and pre-lit Christmas trees. Set it on your mantelpiece or dining table for a back-to-basics Christmas celebration.

You'd think that trees wouldn't have much trouble fitting in to an earth tone interior. But then Christmas is all about the lights, and the tangle-free convenience of pre-lit Christmas trees is difficult to turn down. Unlit Christmas trees may not be as popular as pre-lit ones, but they do offer unique decorating possibilities, whether as tabletop Christmas trees or as giant living room firs and pines. Forgoing lights and tinsel could allow for a more down-to-earth holiday decor featuring natural elements such as wood, pinecones, holly, and mistletoe. An unlit Christmas tree would also heighten the effect of a single string of lights or a small group of heirloom Christmas tree decorations.

Un-Lit Christmas Trees

Decorating with Tinsel and Aluminum Christmas Trees

Tinsel and Aluminum Christmas Trees

The Paradise Silver Tinsel Slim Pre-lit Christmas Tree belongs to a holiday aesthetic that could be labeled "alternative traditional." In place of evergreen and holly berry red, it offers the ice cool elegance of silver and white. It's a shimmering, sparkling tribute to the angelic side of Christmas, shedding a celestial light that's beautifully complemented by gold and silver Christmas decor. As Sam the Snowman, aka Burl Ives, said, "What's a Christmas tree without tinsel and pretty silver and gold decorations?" With a 27-inch base width, this tree's slender form is ideal for minimalist yet memorable Christmas home interiors.

A home's Christmas decor should celebrate tradition, not be bound by it. Both traditional and glitzy, pre-lit tinsel and aluminum Christmas trees transform the colors and elements of winter into an effervescent holiday centerpiece-they're like champagne made out of winter. A tinsel and aluminum Christmas tree's ability to command attention within a traditional holiday aesthetic makes it a great choice for holiday cocktail parties. A white and silver Christmas tree palette can also be a smart decorating choice for neutral-toned home interiors that would be washed out by large green Christmas trees and rows of brightly colored Christmas lights.

Decorating with Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

For convenience and enduring beauty, green pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are the contemporary standard. In the case of the Hunter Pre-lit Full Christmas Tree, it's easy to see why. Though it has a classic full shape and comes in ample 7.5-foot and 9-foot sizes, it has an elegant ornamental presence. Pinecones enhance the pretty contrast between its numerous clear lights and natural-looking branches. Enchanting and realistic, this pre-lit artificial Christmas tree offers a relaxed and homey alternative to all the flashing lights and glitter. It's as natural as artificial can be.

Like waiters at a holiday dinner, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees thrive on tips. More tips equal a fuller look, but don't forget to "fluff" the tree by touching every branch, moving them up or down to create a natural, gap-free appearance. Pre-lit Christmas trees now offer a greater variety of lighting options as well. Standard pre-lit trees offer a choice of clear lights of multi-colored lights. If you enjoy leaving your Christmas tree lights on overnight, one of our LED Christmas trees might be a wise choice. LED Christmas lights last longer than traditional bulbs-which means more time spent under the tree opening presents instead of searching the branches for burnouts.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Decorating with Palm Tree Christmas Trees

Palm Tree Christmas Trees

Yes, Virginia, Santa does go to Hawaii. Putting coconut milk on the mantelpiece may not satisfy Santa's daddy helper, and dreams of bananas likely won't be as sweet as visions of dancing sugar plums. But there's no denying that palm tree Christmas trees would make for a very fun and merry Christmas, no matter what latitude you call home. In sun-drenched climes or snowed-in, luau-themed holiday parties, a palm tree Christmas tree-or three-is a green and bright way to say Mele Kalikimaka. Don't forget the rum and eggnog.

While palm tree Christmas trees are perhaps too specific a theme upon which to build a home's annual holiday decor-tropical residents excepted-they can be a fun way to celebrate the approach of Christmas or the holiday season's first snow. This holiday season, consider starting your family's first annual Hawaiian-themed Christmas party, complete with palm tree Christmas trees bearing festive lights, and snowmen decked out in their finest Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts. Our tropical Christmas trees come in four, five, and six-foot sizes, with lights on both their leaves and trunks. They're easy to set up, and tempting to leave up year-round once you've experienced their island charm.

Decorating with Tabletop Christmas Trees

Some years call for a low-key Christmas. So do some home interiors. If you lack the space or time for a large floor-standing Christmas tree, a pre-lit tabletop Christmas tree would provide a burst of holiday spirit with a bare minimum of setup. This 4.5 ft. Classic Tabletop Pre-lit Christmas Tree offers a nice balance of easy and elegant. Its realistic foliage, full form, and densely packed branches are decorated with your choice of clear or multi-color Christmas lights. If one burns out, the rest stay lit. Merry Low-Maintenance Christmas.

Tabletop Christmas trees tend to go easy on the lights and tinsel. Considering their size (most are under four feet tall), anything too elaborate would obscure the branches. However, their elevated position creates interesting possibilities for creatively covering the metal base. Try a swirling, holiday-colored fabric, as with this Classic Tabletop tree, or surround its base with decorative glass dishes bearing holiday goodies such as cookies or candy. Of course a tabletop Christmas tree needn't be the only tree in the house. It can be a festive dining room complement to your large floor-standing tree. For an attention-grabbing holiday dinner table centerpiece, consider a coral pink or white tabletop Christmas tree.

Tabletop Christmas Trees