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Furniture & décor made with traditional slatted wood designs

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Cabin-Style Kitchen Space

Cabin-Style Kitchen Space

Brown & Gray Timeless Bedroom

Brown & Gray Timeless Bedroom

Craftsman Home Office

Craftsman Home Office


Craftsman & Mission Furniture & Home Decor Tips

Craftsman style (sometimes called mission style) was born in the late 18th century as a direct response to the Industrial Revolution. When society began to shift toward mass production, the craftsman movement pushed back by embracing the artistic value of hand-crafted furniture and decor. While today's mission-style furniture isn't always crafted by hand in an artisan's workshop, traditional woodworking techniques and clean, sturdy designs carry on the craftsman tradition for a look that's cozy, inviting, and practical.

Get inspired by built-ins

The earliest craftsman bungalows relied more on the architecture of the home than the furniture inside of it. Cabinets and shelves were often built directly into the walls, leaving little use for free-standing storage pieces. To infuse this classic craftsman look into a home with blank walls, look for pieces that mimic the look of built-ins but don't require any remodeling. Oversized bookcases and china hutches, mission-style sideboards, and custom-designed entertainment centers are great ways to create a craftsman-style living space without having to knock down any walls.

Keep it natural

High-quality hardwoods, such as oak or cherry, are the most common materials in the craftsman design style, often stained with a warm shade that accentuates the wood's natural grain. These warm-hued woods are often complemented by natural tones like dark green, gold, burgundy, or burnt orange. Patterns can be incorporated through rugs, throws, and stained glass windows or lamps, but be sure to use them sparingly—too many patterns can overwhelm the space.

Seek out quality craftsmanship

Simple, quality workmanship is the hallmark of craftsman style. While skilled carpentry and hand-crafted details are commonly seen in mission-style homes, you don't need to seek out an artisanal woodworker or glass blower to help furnish your space. Mass-produced products can still deliver traditional craftsman styles, so long as you know what to look for: parallel slats, Shaker-style cabinets, exposed joinery, and stained glass details are all easy ways to bring the craftsman style into your home.

With thousands of products from craftsman mantels to mission-style lamps, is here to help you infuse your space with this distinctive style. Shop our wide assortment of products at prices for every budget and create a home you'll love for years to come.

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