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Style 101: Mid-Century Modern
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geometric shapes, organic curves, and clean lines

Mid-century style takes us back to a time of renewal, as post-war America rolled up its sleeves to rebuild, and women rolled up their hair to go dancing. It was a time when new materials were invented, such as plastic, stainless steel, and Lucite, and new techniques were enthusiastically employed such as steaming and bending wood. Mid-century style puts function over frills, but novelty abounds with fun geometric shapes, organic curves, and soothing, clean lines.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture & D├ęcor Tips

Start simple

If you're looking to add a smidge of the space age to your space, consider starting with basic accent pieces. Made of classic wood, metal, or acrylic, a mid-century side table can be right at home in the living room or bedroom. Heat up your style while you cool down your space with a ceiling fan, and brighten up the room with funky pendant lights to supernova-inspired chandeliers and iconic table lamps.

Or go for a total throwback

Give your space a full vintage visage with prominent furniture pieces that make a statement. Capture the feel of the era in your living room with a sophisticated mid-century modern sofa, side chairs, and a distinctive coffee table. For the bedroom, a streamlined nightstand provides a smart space for storage alongside the clean, platform styling of an upholstered or wood bed.

Color it cool

The classic eye-popping palette of aqua, dandelion, avocado, and coral mix easily with navy, gray, and black in business wear-inspired textures. Or incorporate updated colors like burgundy, pink, and royal blue into your space with mid-century modern bar stools or chairs. Asymmetrical and eccentric patterns add another way to play with color and texture, especially with rugs and wall art.

Mix old and new

Antique-lovers rejoice! You can easily work in your favorite thrift store finds with new mid-century furniture. Fill a new bookcase with nostalgic books or kitschy memorabilia, or hang a new abstract wall clock alongside retro art prints for a charming and eclectic gallery wall.

Whether you're inspired by your parent's house, a classic cartoon's take on the future, quirky old game show, or drama about the ad agency world, you can find everything you need to style your own swanky space at prices to suit any budget here at Hayneedle.


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