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Light, airy furniture & décor with clean lines & cultivated coziness

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Scandinavian Furniture & Home Décor Tips

Scandinavian style is rooted in Nordic influences and emphasizes open, airy minimalism and coziness. You’ll usually see Scandinavian décor and furniture in neutral colors (especially bright white) with occasional light blues and pinks mixed in. Scandinavian design features minimalist shapes, soft curves, stylish yet functional elements, natural materials, and clean lines. In order to cultivate Scandinavian interior design, it’s best to keep the look simple and welcoming.

Why We Love Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design has been gaining traction and becoming more popular over the years because of its calm, collected aesthetic. The emphasis on minimalism means less clutter and stress, resulting in a soothing space that’s crisp and clean.

How to Decorate in Scandinavian Style

Once you have your core pieces (and these can be in any style, as Scandinavian décor complements just about anything), you can add décor such as Scandinavian area rugs to anchor the look. These rugs usually have a black and white graphic, geometric design that suits any space and style. A Scandinavian coffee table makes for a beautiful, simple centerpiece in your living room. If you want to complete a Scandinavian living room, simply style the sofa with neutral pillows, some white ceramic vases, and minimalist lighting and wall art.

In the dining room, choose a simple Scandinavian dining table and complete with matching or mismatched dining chairs. A beautiful pendant light over the table will create a perfect, cozy Scandinavian dining room look. Depending on the size of your space, you can add a buffet or sideboard and lean some wall art on the top. Just don’t go too crazy with décor – with Scandinavian style, you always want to keep things minimal and simple.

Mix Different Style Elements Together

The great thing about Scandinavian style is the simplicity will complement just about any other style – it looks perfect paired with farmhouse, modern, rustic, and boho. Scandinavian modern is a lovely style combo to emulate as both styles are kept simple and share a neutral color palette. You’ll find a mix of light-washed wood teamed up with chrome and other more modern finishes and materials.

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