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Mid-Century Modern Bar Stools & Counter Stools

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Selecting Mid-century Bar Stools for your Home

Create a stylish new entertainment hub in your home by setting up a home bar — and making it comfortable with the right stools. If you're looking for seating that's both modern and retro and as much about function as it is form, mid-century bar stools may be ideal for your needs. Learn a little more about what this style encompasses and how to find the stools that suit your space.

What is mid-century style?

Mid-century modern style has its roots in history. The term can actually encompass much of the furniture created anywhere from the late 1930s to the early 1960s. Although lots of designs are classified as mid-century modern, there are some unifying features that distinguish this style from others. They include:

  • Very clean, minimalistic lines that feel unfussy but timeless
  • Organic and geometric forms that draw heavily on plants or formations you might see in nature
  • Contrasting materials used together, such as chrome, plastic, Plexiglas, and wood
  • Minimal embellishments and ornamentation

How can I incorporate mid-century bar stools into my home?

One of the great things about mid-century designs, even when it comes to mid-century-styled furniture produced today, is that they can harmonize with a wide range of other décor types. Mid-century furniture was created to be "democratic," meaning that it's meant for everyone to use how they want to. You don't need to design your entire home as a 1950s bachelor pad to surround yourself with style.

Bar stools present a perfect opportunity to inject mid-century modern style into your space without going overboard. Choose a design with simple lines that don't compete with the other furniture in the space. Try to select materials that go well with what you already have. For example, if your bar is in a living area with a white couch and a glass coffee table, try using acrylic and chrome bar stools or stools that have white or light-neutral upholstery. If the room has a large stone fireplace, choose rich wooden stools to make a quiet statement in the space. Keep simplicity in mind, and save the embellishments and filigree details for other pieces.

What sizing considerations should I know about?

If you want some versatility, choose a design like adjustable-height bar stools. To keep with the mid-century look, these pieces often have lever-activated height-adjustment systems in their bases. These let you incrementally raise and lower the seat heights for comfort while maintaining the streamlined appearance that's typical of mid-century furniture.

Your bar is likely a different height than your dinner table and the eat-in counter in your kitchen. That's why it's important to take accurate measurements before choosing your stools. Most bar counters are around 42 inches high, so look for 29 to 32 inch tall bar stools to fit best. This will leave about 10 to 12 inches for your thighs between the bottom of the counter and the top of a stool's seat to sit comfortably.

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Mid-century bar stools are sleek, simple, and undeniably cool. Bring a set of these popular seats into your home to create a vintage-inspired look you love or add some visual interest in a space where you already enjoy spending time.