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Swivel Bar Stools & Counter Stools

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What you Need to Know about Swiveling Bar Stools

Bar stools for your home are similar to commercial bar stools in that they have swivel options that make their seats turn for easy access. These can make it easier and more comfortable to get up from a bar or kitchen counter. Keep this information in mind when shopping for swivel bar stools.

What options and benefits do swivel stools have?

There are two swivel options. The first one is the 360-degree swivel. That means the seat swivels all the way around in a smooth, continuous fashion. The second option is the memory swivel, also called auto swivel. When you get up from a memory return swivel, the seat will automatically go back to its forward-facing position. Memory swivel stools come in many of the same styles as 360-degree swiveling options.

Many people like swiveling bar stools for a number of reasons. It's easy to swivel right or left to talk to the person next to you. It's also easier to get off of a swiveling bar stool. Swiveling bar chairs are ideal for people with mobility limitations. However, keep in mind many people also like non-swiveling stools because they tend to feel a bit more stable.

How many bar stools do I need at my counter or bar?

Be sure to check the widths of the stools as you're shopping — this helps you determine how many stools you need for your bar. You'll also want to measure the length of the bar counter. Generally, each stool should take up about 28 to 30 inches of the counter's length, and each stool should have at least 6 inches open on either side. This lets you space them far enough apart so people can get in and out easily.

  • To figure out how many stools you need, measure the length of your counter in inches. You can divide that by 30, and that's about the number of swiveling stools you'll need. For example, a three bar stools will fit a 96-inch counter comfortably. If you end up with a decimal and want to round up, that's fine. The seats might be a little cozier if you're adding an extra one to the bar.
  • Here's one more idea. Say you find a stool design you really love. Add 12 to each stool's width measurement in inches — this accounts for the 6 inches of space on either side. That tells you how much counter space your desired stools take up, and it could be a little more than 30 or less than 28.

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Help conversations flow and make it easy for everyone to settle in at your counter eating area by choosing swiveling stools. They're available in a wide range of designs and give you the option to choose extra comfort features. With so much versatility, swivel stools may be just what your countertop is missing.