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Bedroom Vanities & Makeup Tables

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beautiful makeup & bedroom vanities make getting ready a breeze

In need of a personal space to prepare for the day ahead? Bedroom vanities are all designed to make primping even easier. Design options are plentiful too, which is why it helps to know how to narrow down your choices to select the vanity that's right for you.

What are bedroom vanities?

A bedroom vanity is a piece of furniture that's like a dressing table. Vanities give you the extra space to put on makeup, fix your hair, and get ready for the day. This type of table usually has an opening where you can pull up a stool or chair, much like a desk. There may be a few drawers and shelves for storing beauty items, which can help you keep your makeup and other beauty essentials organized in one spot.

Bedroom vanities typically also feature mirrors — that's partially what sets them apart from desks! The mirrors may or may not be permanently attached to the vanity top, allowing you to remove them to make the table have a less-weighty look in your space. Many makeup table vanities have built-in lighting around their mirrors, too. This helps you see your face and hair clearly while you're getting ready.

How high should my vanity stool be?

Vanity stools should be around 16-inches to 20-inches tall to fit nicely under vanities of all heights and provide enough room for the top of your legs while seated. Bedroom and makeup vanity sets usually include both the table and a coordinating or matching stool that's the right height for you to sit at the vanity comfortably. Vanities can reach upwards of 72 inches in length, but they're often around 30 inches high. Vanity chairs also have similar heights but offer back support. They typically don't have arms, which makes it easier to get up and down from the chair while you're getting ready.

What should I look for when choosing my vanity chair?

A few stools have the added benefit of a seat that lifts with storage underneath. If you're choosing a stool separately, meaning one doesn't come with the vanity you like, have some fun with this choice. You can pick a design with wood that matches the vanity table, or you can choose a fun upholstered stool with colorful fabric to inject some fun into the space.

Your vanity space is a personal spot where you can regroup before starting and ending each day — almost like a meditation area. Consider the features you want with your bedroom vanity or makeup table, and choose a design that you'll look forward to sitting down at each day.

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