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Sideboards, Buffet Tables & Credenzas

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Simple Storage Solutions With Sideboards, Buffets, and Credenzas

You can never have too much storage space in your home, and sideboards, buffet tables, and credenzas give you stylish places to store your stuff. Originally designed to store supplies for the dining room, these versatile pieces are making their way to other parts of the home where they add a decorative touch to the room. Here we'll break down the differences between these types of storage furniture so you can choose one that best meets your needs.

What's the difference between a sideboard and buffet?

Buffets usually have longer legs than sideboards, and look more like cabinets with doors and drawers. Buffet tables are commonly used in the dining room. Like buffets, sideboards may have doors and cabinets, but some have open shelves and short legs to make it look more like a narrow table. Over time sideboards are now mainly used to store keepsakes or fine china in dining areas, living rooms or kitchen areas.

What is a credenza?

A credenza is another piece of furniture that looks like a sideboard or buffet, but tends to be narrower and have short, slender legs. The cabinets are close to the floor and may have sliding doors that cover shelves and drawers hidden inside. In modern day, many people also refer to them as console tables. They offer the right amount of storage space for miscellaneous items in your living room, dining room, hallway or home office.

Can I use a sideboard or buffet outside the dining room?

Although sideboards, buffets, and credenzas all got their start in the dining room, you can use them in any room in the house. Many decorators still place buffets in the dining room where the cabinet doors hide stacks of napkins, serving dishes, and other dining accessories. Sideboards and credenzas work well in other rooms, especially in tight spaces like hallways. You can use them to display keepsakes and decorative pieces in the living room, or put one in the entry to store keys, umbrellas, and other items. Replace your nightstand with a credenza to keep the area beside your bed neat. You can even use one as an entertainment center in the living room or family room.

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Which style buffet table or sideboard would suit my dining room?

These storage pieces range in style from rustic farmhouse to mid-century modern and come in an array of colors. So whether you prefer a contemporary black sideboard or an old-fashioned buffet with hutch, be assured that this dining room staple comes in a variety of styles for every decorative preference.

  • Farmhouse Sideboard: If your dining room is reminiscent of a warm cottage or homestead, consider a farmhouse sideboard or buffet with a hutch. These sturdy pieces were made to withstand time and often resemble a family staple passed down through the generations. Farmhouse style is light and clean in color – think white or eggshell – with accents of distressed wood or patina for an antique feel.
  • Industrial Sideboard: These sideboards and buffets feature raw materials like wood and steel. Their edgy, urban appeal makes them a stylish fit for loft apartments or spaces such as a renovated warehouse. The contrast of the metal to wood grain will add texture to your dining room, and features like pulley wheels make each piece feel unique.
  • Mid-century Modern Sideboard: If you love taking a step into the ever-so-stylish past, consider a mid-century sideboard or buffet for your dining area. The resurgence of mid-century style brings clean, smooth lines to your modern space and a pop of retro flair.
  • Modern Sideboards: These sideboards and buffet tables combine solid design principals of the past with style elements of the current day. While all sideboards come in unique configurations, modern styles are often suited to specific needs – consider a buffet table with wine rack – and work in both contemporary and transitional spaces.
  • Rustic Sideboard: Try a rustic sideboard if you're dining room or living room encompasses a natural, rugged feel. This style exchanges frills for raw wood in neutral colors. Combine it with southwestern décor for a unique color palette and touch of the outdoors.

Sideboards, buffets, and credenzas are great storage pieces in any room of the house because of their low profile, large doors and narrow depth. Choose a functional piece that coordinates with your existing colors and style or select one that makes a bold statement in the room. It's an attractive way to keep clutter out of the way.