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Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands

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Selecting the Perfect Coat Rack

A coat rack can look as straightforward as a row of wall hooks or like a sculptural piece of art standing in your entryway. But that's just the start. A coat rack in any form is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own. Here are ideas of types of indoor coat racks and where you can use them all around the house.

How do I choose a type of coat rack?

There are three types of coat racks you can choose from. Think about where you plan to use it, and use the layout of the space to guide your decision.

  • Wall mounted: Wall mounted entryway shelves and cubbies with hooks make ideal organizing and storage solutions for smaller spaces and pair well with a simple indoor bench. The ideal height to hang a coat rack on the wall is about 5 feet this will help from longer coats pooling on the floor. A heavy winter coat can weigh 20 pounds, so hang only lighter items on wall-mounted coat racks.
  • Freestanding: Freestanding coat racks or sometimes called tree coat racks, come in all sizes. Some provide extra utility with room for an umbrella, shoes, or bags. For entryways and other rooms, simple or decorative single pole stands can soar up to 74 inches high. Or, choose a 5-foot garment rack with wheels to hold an overflow of guests' coats or other seasonal wear.
  • Over the door: Throw an extra decorative or utilitarian over-the-door coat rack on your entryway closet door to hold overflow or to clear clutter for smaller spaces.

What are the styles of coat racks?

Coat racks come in all styles to fit all home decor, from traditional wooden racks to a more modern stainless steel option. For a cohesive look, match the finish of the hooks to your entryway door hardware and the color and material of the base to your door trim, flooring or other piece of furniture in the vicinity.

You'll also find matching or coordinating umbrella stands to pair with your coat rack.

Where do I put a coat rack?

A coat rack in the entry or mudroom solves the problem if you don't have a coat closet. Don't just stop at one coat rack, use one at each entrance. There are other places where a coat rack would be welcome.

  • Laundry room: If your clothes came out of the dryer damp, a coat rack/valet can save the day so you can hang to air dry and run.
  • Bathroom: Hang bath sheets, bath towels and robes. Make sure the finish you choose can tolerate a humid, wet and moist environment.
  • Kitchen: If you don't have a mud room, put a rack by the kitchen door to hold aprons, backpacks and pet leashes.
  • Bedroom: Turn a coat rack into a valet for purses, nightgowns, robes and your next day's outfit to keep wrinkle-free. For the kids' rooms, hang everything from sports gear to anything they throw at the bottom of their closet.
  • Garage/basement: Hang gardening and outdoor work clothes on a garage coat rack so you don't track mud or grease into the house. Hang polishing clothes and pet towels, toss sandy towels and bathing suits on a rack until you're ready to wash.

The simple beauty of a coat rack can add much needed storage in any room of the house. Whatever design or material you choose, the only maintenance you'll need is a quick wipe down with a clean cloth.

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