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Office & Desk Chairs

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Selecting the Right Office Chair

A home office chair that's designed to keep your body comfortable is critical for helping you stay productive. It takes a little bit of knowledge to select the right type and features that'll work for you. Get answers to your questions and learn more about choosing an office chair that helps you focus and looks great in your home.

What types of office chairs can I choose?

Office chairs come in different designs to meet different needs. Consider the following types to learn more about what might work best for you.

  • Executive chairs have a stately presence, and they might be what you think of when you envision traditional boardroom chairs. They typically have high, gently curved backs with ample cushioning, and armrests are common features. Executive chairs tend to be on the bulkier side and look great at larger desks that match their proportions. The supportive and relaxing nature of these chairs are ideal if you frequently sit back to talk on the phone at your desk or speak regularly with clients.
  • Task chairs are a more pared-down version of executive chairs. They may or may not have armrests, and they usually have less, if any, cushioning. They're ideal if you usually sit down at your desk to take care of quick tasks, such as paying a few bills or jotting down personal notes.
  • High-back chairs have backs that extend all the way up to your head or neck level. They're best when you need to sit back for long periods of time because they provide support for your entire back, shoulders, and neck.
  • Mid-back chairs may reach to your shoulders or about halfway up your back. They provide support if you'll be sitting for an hour or two without wanting to fully relax in the chair.
  • Low-back chairs typically don't reach any farther than midway up your back. They're great if you prefer the lighter, airier look of an office chair that isn't as bulky as an executive style.

What office chair features are helpful?

In addition to the types of chairs you can select, office chairs also come with specific features that can help you enjoy a more comfortable working experience.

  • Adjustable heights: Chairs with adjustable heights let you lift and raise the seat to different levels to ensure your knees are properly bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet are flat on the floor. This is the healthiest sitting position. The seats of adjustable desk chairs typically rest on pedestals, and a lever under the seat lets you lift or lower it to a comfortable level.
  • Extra-wide sizing: For a more comfortable fit, choose an extra-wide chair that's roomier than typical office chair designs. The average office chair is 20–24 in. wide, and extra-wide chairs can be 26 in. or wider.
  • Wheels: Office chairs with wheels, like adjustable chairs, usually have seats on pedestals. At the base of the pedestal, spokes with wheels on each end extend and can roll in any direction. If you want the ability to glide from your desk to a filing cabinet all without getting up from your chair, a design with wheels can be helpful. Another helpful element of pedestal chairs is that they often swivel, so you can face different sections of your desk without even rolling the chair around.

Feature-packed office chairs make it easy to stay comfortable and focused while you take care of business. Consider the style and convenient extras you want in your chair as you start the process of making your selection.

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