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Finding the Right Desk for Your Home Office

When furnishing your office space, a desk is possibly the most important piece of furniture on your list. Knowing your options can streamline the process of finding the right one. Whether you need lots of storage or desire something simple that keeps you focused, it's easy to find an office desk when you know what to look for.

What are the different types of desks?

There are a number of different desk types, each with various functions particular to their style.

  • Computer desks are designed for computer work with features that might include sliding keyboard trays, storage areas for USBs and cables, as well as ample space to comfortably fit laptops or desktops.
  • Writing desks are compact desks that provide ample surface space for writing while still giving you some elbow room to work with.
  • Secretary desks typically made of wide drawers topped with a folding drop-lid design to conceal the inside components of the desk for a tidier look, especially in smaller spaces.
  • Executive desks, computer armoires, and desks with hutches tend to provide the most storage space with shelving, cabinets, and drawers.
  • Standing desks are also recently popular in the workspace. These stand up desks give you the ability to either stand or sit at the desk with their adjustable heights.They have been proven to increase productivity and reduce health risks like blood sugar levels and heart disease.

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What desks are most useful for small spaces or space sharing?

In both instances it's rather important to pay attention to the size of your desk. When furnishing a smaller office area or multi-purpose room, look to desks with a smaller profile to minimize the amount of floor space needed. On the flip-side, if you plan on splitting a workspace with another person or for a completely different task, you'll want to select a desk with as much surface area as your space can comfortably handle.

  • Small Spaces: Desks smaller than 40 inches wide will be your best bet for furnishing smaller rooms. They'll easily hold a computer while still offering storage options underneath the surface or across the back with shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Corner desks are a great option here as these desks tuck neatly into a corner to make efficient use of the area. Wall-mounted desks are another idea for narrow spots with limited floor space, and as a bonus they can be super easy to clean under.
  • Space Sharing: Desks with plenty of surface area are sure to meet the needs of anyone sharing a space or working on more than one project at a time. Two-person desks will oftentimes have an L-shape with the desk sections extended in opposing directions and connected in the middle. Each side typically has its own storage options with filing cabinets, drawers, or shelves which can be helpful in keeping clutter at bay. The ample surface area of these larger desks allows each person to have their own space for desk lamps, accessories, and work supplies.

Should I be mindful of certain desk features or storage options?

If cleanliness is top on your list, glass-top and wood or laminate are easy materials to keep clean. Desk features that include a roll-top or folding door neatly store paperwork out of sight. Attaching hutch and bookcase options allow for extra storage using the vertical space above the desk. And built-in filing cabinets or drawers give plenty of storage space, keeping files organized and supplies out of your way. Since you'll likely spend a lot of time at your desk, make sure it's designed in a way that meets your work demands or busy household schedule.

Do any desks come with matching chairs?

Purchasing a desk and chair set can take the guesswork out of matching styles and you can often snag a deal in pricing. These sets come in a variety of design styles from the clean simplicity of modern design, the more utilitarian or industrial design combination of wood and metal, or a classic traditional look with varying wood finishes. Happily, selecting a desk and chair set requires no sacrifice in style or function.

You might spend a single hour of your afternoon or up to a full 12 hours a day at your desk drafting plans, managing the family budget, preparing a business proposal, or writing the next bestseller. Whatever you're working on, a functional desk is essential in ensuring tasks are done to completion. Consider both the size and storage features you need in your desk, then make time to check out all of the gorgeous materials available to match your style.