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Cross Back Kitchen & Dining Chairs

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Selecting a Cross Back Dining Chair for Your Home

When selecting a chair for any room in the house, comfort and style are top must-haves. This rings especially true for dining chairs when you want to make a great impression on guests and keep them seated comfortably at the table. Cross back dining chairs are a quick and easy way to infuse style and comfort while filling a functional need for updated seating.

What is a cross back dining chair?

Also called an X back dining chair, the cross back chair is characterized by its open and curved X-shaped back - essentially getting its name from this classic design. This simplicity in design means your cross back dining chair can blend into nearly any style of home. Whether you lean toward rustic and farmhouse design or embrace modern and contemporary style, a cross back dining chair is sure to fit right in.

How do I select the right dining chair size?

Most standard dining room tables are 30 inches high with standard seat heights on dining chairs coming in around 18 inches. When shopping for dining chairs, it's good to know the height and width measurements for your dining table. This allows you to quickly narrow down your options and focus on cross back dining chairs that will easily slide in and out of the table, as well as leave enough room between guests when all chairs are occupied. Below are a couple tips to follow for maximum comfort.

  • Dining Chair Height: while the seat typically measures 18 inches from the floor there are variations, so be sure to check out the product details to confirm exact seat height. You'll want to allow 12 inches between the seat of your dining chair and your tabletop. Should the cross back chair you select have arms, look to have 7 inches of space between the top of the chair arm and the bottom of the table.
  • Dining Chair Width: on average the width of a dining chair measures around 16-20 inches. However you'll want to provide guests with at least 24-30 inches of personal space at the dining table, so look to add an extra 6 inches when calculating total width. Giving your guests this extra space ensures no bumped elbows during meals.
  • Another measurement to consider is the open space around your dining table. We advise allowing at least 36 inches between the dining table and any walls or other furniture.

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    How do I match dining chair style with my interior decor?

    A great thing about cross back dining chairs is how easily this classic design adapts to a wide variety of interior designs. You can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with rustic chairs in neutral tones, natural fabrics, and raw materials. Or maybe you want to enhance the industrial feel of your space with cross back dining chairs that boast visually interesting elements like exposed nailhead trim and grainy reclaimed woods.

    The color and finish of your dining chairs are also important considerations. Do you want your cross back chairs to match your dining table exactly or do you prefer a polished eclectic feel of mix-and-match dining chairs? If you lean toward the former and enjoy a unified look, consider browsing the dining chair sets. You can easily find cross back dining chair sets of 2 or sets of 4, and you might even find a set of 6 dining chairs to meet your needs. Otherwise let the chair materials be your guide. Cross back dining chairs are most commonly made with wooden frames, though you can find a variety of options constructed from metal, acrylic, or wicker. Seat material can also range from wood and metal that match the frame to upholstered seats made from durable leather or fabric.

    Cross back dining chairs are popular because they're comfortable and versatile enough to match almost any decor. Because there are so many options available, you're sure to find a set to match both your style and your budget.

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