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Kitchen & Dining Chairs with Wheels

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The Scoop on Kitchen Chairs with Casters

For busy home entertainers, dining chairs are more than just wooden furniture; they're what keep everyone comfortable during an enjoyable meal. Wheeled dining chairs open up more possibilities in terms of overall interior design, and their casters make moving furniture simple and easy. Here's what to consider as you shop for these useful pieces.

What are kitchen chairs with casters?

Simply put, wheeled dining chairs have small wheels, called casters, on each of their legs. These make it easier to roll chairs from one room to another or to pull them out from the table to sit down. They can also be easier to pull out if your dining table sits atop a rug. The casters won't drag on the rug fibers, which can ultimately lengthen the rug's lifespan. Some casters lock using small levers, while others spin freely. This can be ideal if you're planning to use the chairs on a hardwood or tile floor and don't want the wheels to slide around too much. When you're looking for kitchen chairs with casters, consider the direction of the wheels. Some are fixed and only allow the chair to roll backwards and forwards. Others spin in any direction, so they can roll front to back, side to side, or in any direction you pull the chair.

What are the dining chair casters made from?

Wheeled dining chairs typically have casters made from plastic, rubber, or metal. You can choose one of these materials based on the flooring in your dining space. Plastic and rubber options are typically better on rugs and softer surfaces because they maneuver well on the material without causing damage. Metal casters are a good option for concrete or tiled floors. On these harder surfaces, rubber and plastic can leave marks because they're so much softer than the flooring. Keep in mind that you can change the casters on your wheeled dining chairs if you find a design you love but aren't such a big fan of the type of wheels it comes with.

What style of kitchen chairs with casters should I choose?

One other feature of wheeled dining chairs you'll want to consider is whether you want a traditional four-leg style or pedestal chairs. The traditional style looks like classic dining chairs. It has four legs with a caster at the bottom of each leg. A pedestal chair, on the other hand, is similar to an office chair. The seat rests on a pedestal, which sits on a base. These bases have spokes extending from the pedestal, and each spoke has its own caster at the end. Usually, pedestal chairs have five or six casters. They look more modern and can be easier to pull out from the table in any direction thanks to the higher number of casters. Four-leg chairs, however, have a more traditional look and often come in the same styles as dining chairs without wheels.

Kitchen chairs with casters don't have to stay in the kitchen; they're practical additions to your dining space, game room, or bar. Consider your flooring and sense of style to make the decision that's right for your needs, and enjoy the process of selecting a design you love.

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