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Kitchen & Dining Room Chairs

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Picking Dining Chairs for Your Table

While dining rooms come in all styles and designs, and the dining table is often the center of attention, your dining chairs are still important elements in the room. Are they the right size? Comfortable? Durable? Use these tips to make sure you’re getting the right chair for you and your guests.

How many dining chairs does my table need?

The number of chairs that you can fit at your dining table depends both on the size of the table and the size of the chairs. Typically dining chairs measure between 16 to 20 inches wide. And as a general rule, there needs to be around six inches of space between each chair to allow guests to sit comfortably and avoid bumping elbows as they eat. This also gives them enough space to slide in and out without disturbing other guests. Dining chairs with wheels make it even easier to move in and out of the table as needed.

How tall should my dining chairs be?

Dining tables and chairs come in several different sizes, so it's important to choose sizes that complement each other. The standard dining table is 30 inches tall and there needs to be 12 inches between the seat of the chair and the bottom edge of the table for your guests’ legs to fit comfortably. If you have a dining chair with arms, aim for seven inches between the top of the arms and the bottom of the table. A counter-height table is 34 to 36 inches tall and counter-height dining chairs are typically four to six inches taller than a standard dining room chair.

What dining chair material is best for me?

Some chair materials are better suited than others for certain environments or level of use. Wooden and metal dining chairs are simple to clean. If you have children or if the dining room receives a lot of traffic, you can quickly wipe these down to keep them looking their best. Leather and upholstered dining chairs tend to feel softer and more comfortable, making them a good choice if you have dinner parties or enjoy having conversation after meals.

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Which chair style works best for my space?

Once you know the size that’s right for your space, you can start browsing different dining chair styles. Consider the other furniture in the room and their color or design themes. Light colors are an easy way to brighten up a room and make it seem larger. While dark colors often give a more elegant and refined look to a design. If your dining room is filled with traditional styles or modern pieces then you’ll most likely want dining chairs that fit the same style.

However if you're going for an eclectic look, your dining or kitchen chairs don't have to be exact duplicates to work. Mix and match dining chairs in different colors or different styles for a unique look. For example, combine armless chairs with those that have arms or make half of your chairs a crisp white and toss in a few pops of color for the rest.

Selecting the right chairs for your dining room can maximize the comfort and style of a space. Consider size, materials, and design when making your selection. No matter if you desire high-back chairs or a dining bench, the perfect seating option is out there.

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