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Kitchen & Dining Room Tables

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Settle in at Your Ideal Dining and Kitchen Table

Dining and kitchen tables are the places where you enjoy home-cooked meals and make memories with loved ones. It makes sense that they should be comfortable, durable, and have space for everyone to settle in. If you're looking for a new dining or kitchen table, take a look at some of the key things to think about that can help guide your decision.

What is the standard size of a dining room table?

Standard dining table height usually measures about 28 to 30 inches tall. Counter-height dining room tables are usually between 34 and 36 inches tall. Counter height tables are ideal for tall people and those who prefer to sit up high. If your table is situated near a counter top, it's easy to reach over and replenish plates, too. Kids and adults who aren't as tall might find it a little more difficult to sit on the chairs that fit counter-height tables. Remember that you'll need dining chairs in specific heights depending on the table height you choose. Chairs' seats should be about 10 to 12 inches from the bottom of the tabletop to keep everyone's legs comfortable.

The standard size table for four people is around 36 inches wide by 48 inches long. A larger family of six or eight people will benefit from a table that's 60 inches or 72 inches in length. Keep in mind that each person should have about 24 inches of space along the table's perimeter. This gives them enough room to eat comfortably without bumping elbows with other diners.

Dining tables come in round, square, oval, and rectangular shapes to fit the shape of your room. The ideal clearance for your dining table is around 48 inches on all sides of the table, if possible, but a 36-inch clearance can also work if you don't have a larger space. This way, family and guests can get up and move around comfortably.

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What extensions & special features should I consider when choosing a kitchen table?

Expandable tables are great space-saving solutions for your dining room or kitchen. These table styles let you extend the length and increase the surface area of the table as needed.

  • An extension leaf slides into the center of a removable leaf table. You'll need to store the leaf somewhere when you're not using it, but these tables are often large and help you accommodate extra guests.
  • Drop leaf tables have large sections attached to their sides. These lift up for extra length and drop down when you don't need them. A bracket underneath secures the leaves when you have them extended to table level. When the leaves are down, these tables are small and squared off, and they're round or oval-shaped when the leaves are extended.

You can also consider getting a dining table with a lazy susan in the middle. It spins around for ease in serving, which works especially well for big families and hungry appetites.

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What are popular dining table styles?

Dining and kitchen table styles really run the gamut when it comes to design and materials. Choose a style that fits your home's décor. Think about the following options as you shop to get the look you love:

  • Similar to a mirror's affect, glass-top tables help make a room look larger. Plus, they're super easy to clean.
  • Classic, mid-century tables are more traditional and pair well with most other styles of décor thanks to their sleek lines.
  • Primitive, farmhouse style tables are functionally designed with details like distressed coatings and durable construction. They're ideal if you're going for a more country look.
  • Go contemporary with modern tables that have clean lines, unadorned legs and tops made of marble or slate.
  • You can also find a stain or color that matches your cabinets, if you want it to blend in with the other wood. Shades of cherry, oak, walnut, winter white, gray, and deep espresso finishes are colors to consider. Light colors can evoke a coastal style vibe.

Your dining room or kitchen table would have many stories to tell if it could talk. It's where your family and friends catch up on conversations, play games, and eat meals together. That's why considering the size and materials is such an important thing to do. When your table is comfortable and beautiful, it makes enjoying your space that much easier.

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