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End Tables & Side Tables


A Shopping Guide for End Tables and Side Tables

Typically used in the living room, end tables and side tables can serve multiple purposes. From decorative accents to additional storage, you can't go wrong by adding one or more to your home, no matter your style. Our guide provides you with the information you need to know before you shop.

Why do I need an end table?

End tables and side tables can do just about anything you need them to do. Use them to hold decorative items like table lamps, books, vases, or plants. Or take advantage of end tables with extra storage and size to hide other things like power strips, your gaming console or small electronics to keep them off the floor and out of the way. End tables with a shelf or drawer are great for organization. You'll find that many of our end and side tables have additional features to make them even more practical, such as tray tops to make moving books, coffee, and food with ease.

How tall should my end table be?

The optimal height for the end tables you purchase largely depends on where and how you plan to use them. Many people opt to place them at the ends of their sofas. In that case, you’ll want them to be no higher than the arms of the sofa or, at most, no shorter than only a couple of inches. For any other space, take the whole room into consideration. The tables should flow with your other furniture, so anything that is too small might disappear while anything that is too large can easily overpower a space.

Should my end tables match my other furniture?

Both side tables and end tables are versatile in design and the right piece can easily blend in with your home’s decor. An easy place to start is with the shape. If you need the accent table to fit into a corner, a square or rectangular option is probably best. Or if you already have a square coffee table, you might consider round end tables for a nice contrast. It's also important to note material and finish of the end table. Wood comes in a wide variety of finishes and comes in designs that range from traditional to farmhouse to modern, while marble-top end tables have a more distinct look. And don’t be afraid to mix materials and styles – this is your space and you make the rules!

Whether you need to fill an open space, hide something unsightly, or incorporate extra storage and surface space to a room, an end table will come in handy. You'll find that they're most useful in the living room, but can easily adapt to any number of uses around the house, and many of them are versatile enough to go with any style of furniture and decor.

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