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Flat Files

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Flat Files and Drafting Storage Solutions

Whether you're carrying work to a presentation or protecting oversized sheets in an office or studio, consider the drafting storage solutions you'll need. These might include the following drafting storage alternatives:

Flat Files
Blueprints, architectural and engineering plans, drawings, sketches, and other documents aren't shaped like standard paper files. For that reason, flat files are the primary form of drafting storage. Flat files are designed similarly to filing cabinets, except each drawer is thin, rectangular, and oversized. These flat files are sized to accommodate documents anywhere from 11 by 14 inches to 36 by 48 inches. Most of our flat files feature five or 10 drawers. Choose among materials like melamine or steel or go with oak or birch wood for a more traditional appearance.

Hanging Files
An alternative to flat files, hanging files are available in several different designs. Hanging clamps are great for location storage, or choose a mobile drafting storage stand or vertical rolling file for mobility. Vertical storage cabinets are another option for those seeking a more secure form of drafting storage.

Portfolios and Tubes
Every student in the design field is familiar with portfolios and telescoping document tubes. The art portfolios and storage tubes you'll find here at are inexpensive and durable. Faux and real leather, vinyl, and water-resistant nylon are among your choices of portfolio materials. You'll also discover extendable storage tubes, often with adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying.

Portfolios and Tubes
Whether you're looking for storage solutions for your home office, at school, or to and from your office commute, you'll find plenty of options here. So get to work shopping!