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Work from Home in Style: How to Create a Home Office

Setting up a home office can be tough if you have a smaller space – but it can also be a fun, creative challenge. Carving out an area when you don't have a dedicated office room is important if you work from home often or if you just want a place that inspires and motivates. However, with a little planning and the right furniture, you’ll soon have an office space that's perfect for you.

Make a Dual-Purpose Room

If space is slim, consider creating a dual-purpose area for your new office. For instance, you can split your living or dining room and dedicate a wall to a desk and other work essentials you might have. A writing desk is pretty non-invasive, so even keeping it on a wall on the opposite side of the room or behind a sofa is a great way to go. Gather up what you use most often and what will make you more productive. It's also important to have good lighting. If natural light isn't available, invest in a desk or task lamp, which can be helpful even if you are near a window.

Increase Productivity by Keeping Organized

Once you've determined a spot for your home office, think about how to arrange furniture and eliminate clutter. A clean space will help keep you on task and make you feel less stressed. If you have minimal needs, a simple writing desk will offer storage and space to work with a laptop. A more involved set-up with a computer or executive desk will provide ample storage. Either way, choose a set-up with a paperwork storage system and invest in a comfortable office chair, another key element for your space.

The home office design you choose should be functional and allow you enough room to move around. If clients or visitors will come to your work space, make sure you have comfy seating for them as well. Remember, your space should be professional yet reflect your personality. After all, you want to create an office where you’ll be productive as well as a space you can enjoy for many years to come.

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