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How to Shop for TV Stands and Entertainment Centers

For many people, the TV is the focal point of their living room, bedroom, or family room. For this reason, finding the right TV stand for your home is a must. Let us guide you through the shopping process so you can ensure everyone in the house has a great view of your screens.

What are some types of TV stands to consider?

TV stands come in a variety of types and designs that can help you create the home entertainment hub you've always dreamed of. Consider these types of TV stands and entertainment centers as you start shopping:

  • A low profile, table-like stand with a flat surface on top for the TV and drawers, shelving, and cabinets below
  • A large, elaborate entertainment center that not only has a place for your TV but that also has cabinets, books shelves, specialized compartments, and extra storage
  • A corner stand that's built to fit right into that type of angled space is a great space saver
  • An electric fireplace TV stand that has the look and warmth of a real fire but is safer than real fire and cheaper than using gas to heat your living space

What size TV stand should I get?

Three factors should go into your decision about what size TV stand you need: the size of your room, the size of your TV, and how many electronic gadgets you have hooked to your TV.

Size of TV:

When deciding how far to place your TV away from your sofa or other seating, divide your desired viewing distance in inches by three to get the diagonal measurement of the appropriate TV size in inches. If you have 120 inches, or 10 feet, of space between your couch and the TV, a 40-inch TV is an ideal size (120/3 = 40)

Length of TV Stand:

Now that you know the size of your TV, you can choose a stand that looks proportional. The stand should be at least 2 to 3 inches longer than the width of your TV to look balanced. If you're placing it in a corner or next to other furniture, this ensures TV overhang isn't an issue too. So, for example, a 60-inch TV stand works well with a TV that's 55 inches or smaller.

TV Stand Height:

Measuring for stand height is a little more complicated, as you'll want the TV screen to line up with the field of vision of your watchers. Have an adult in your home sit on the sofa or chair in front of where the TV stand will be, and measure the distance from the floor to the bridge of his or her nose. Measure your TV from the middle of the screen to the base, and subtract that from the measurement you got from your sample TV watcher. You'll want a TV stand that's around that height.

Extra Organization Space:

Finally, take into consideration how many cable boxes, consoles, DVD players, and electronic devices you have hooked to your TV. Make sure you'll have room for them on the stand. You may want to choose a larger entertainment center with open shelving that allows you to organize your devices, movie collection, and books in one spot.

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What are some common TV stand features?

Once you've determined the type of stand and stand of size you need, it's time to pick out extra features you might want. These can include:

  • Adjustable shelving to create a customized setup that holds all your media essentials
  • Flat screen mount for suspending your TV
  • Enclosed storage to keep DVDs, media players and other accessories concealed out of sight
  • Swivel to angle your TV toward a different seating area
  • Wheels for moving your TV to a different spot while you're prepping for a party or need an entertainment setup in another room

Size, type, and function are the three main decisions you'll need to make when choosing a TV stand. Go with the look that really captivates your attention, and you're sure to enjoy the piece for years.