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Wine Storage & Furniture

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Selecting the Perfect Furniture for Wine Storage

You love wine, but you'd love a little help in knowing how to best store your bottles. Whether you collect wine as a hobby or an investment, buying wine furniture involves some thought. Check out these answers to your basic questions to learn more about the different ways you can store wine.

What are the different types of furniture for wine storage?

You have several different options to consider when it comes to choosing the format and style of your wine storage furniture.

  • Wine cabinet: A wine cabinet serves a basic function of storing wine bottles and stemware It may conceal the bottles behind doors or in individual exposed cubbies that turn your wine into a focal point in the room. Wine cabinets are ideal for short-term storage in your home because they can help keep wine out of direct light but may still allow the wine to change temperature over time. Temperature variations can affect the taste of the wine, so try to place your cabinet away from heat vents. If you ever upgrade to a larger or insulated cabinet, you can always use your wine cabinet as storage for crafts, shoes or anything else that will fit the racking.
  • Wine tower: A wine tower is a tall, compact piece of furniture that holds wine and possibly stemware depending on the design. Each bottle typically slides into its own open cubby or onto a shelf, and the upper section of the tower may have slots where you can hang wine glasses upside down. The top section may also have etagere-style open shelves with glass sides or even a mirrored back for extra pizzazz. These shelves also make great spots for arranging decorative vignettes with your wine accessories, such as a particularly beautiful set of stemware you love.

What else should I consider?

  • Bottle Capacity: There's furniture that holds anywhere from 3 bottles to 100 bottles. If you're interested in storing a collection, think about how many bottles you currently have and purchase a wine storage solution that leaves some room for your collection to grow.
  • Material & Finish: There's furniture that comes in wood, metal, and wrought iron in finishes like black, white, cherry, espresso and multi-colored designs. One material isn't better than another when it comes to storage, so you can select a piece you prefer based on your taste. Feel free to match it to other furniture in the room or simply select a design that catches your eye and has the capacity you need.
  • Sizing: If you're looking for wine storage furniture with cubbies, you'll want to choose a wine cabinet or wine rack with cubbies that fit your bottles. Different wine varieties typically come in bottles with different diameters. Cabernets, Pinots and Burgundies are usually 3 in. in diameter, while Champagnes are usually 3.5 in. or larger in diameter. Magnum bottles need cubbies that are wider than 4 in. Consider the wines in your currently collection or what you typically purchase to guide your choice in cubby size.

Where should I put wine furniture?

There are a few important tips to placing a wine storage piece that is not refrigerated. Even if the bottles are behind cabinet doors, keep these do's and don'ts in mind:

  • Keep the cabinet away from areas where there's harsh interior lighting or direct sunlight. That includes rooms with many windows. Storing wine in direct sunlight can change the flavor of the blends.
  • Keep the cabinet in a room with a constant mild temperature. Heat fluctuations can create flavor imbalances in the wine. Heat can also cause corks to shrink, which can make bottles start leaking.
  • Keep the conditions inside the cabinet cool, dark and at a constant temperature of around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, even for short-term storage. This helps preserve the wine's flavor just as the vintner intended it.

As you start the process of shopping for wine furniture, consider the types of wine you usually prefer and think about where you plan to place your wine cabinet or tower. Then, enjoy searching for the wine-storage furniture that keeps your collection safe and looks beautiful in your home.