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Wine Racks

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Choosing the Best Wine Rack

If you're a wine lover with a cherished (or growing) collection, you might be looking for new ways to keep all those bottles and blends organized. A wine rack or two may be the ideal accessory to help you store your wines in a beautiful and accessible way. It helps to know how to choose the storage solution that's right for your home, so use this helpful guide to get answers to some of your common questions.

What are some different types of wine racks?

Wine racks of any type typically fit standard bottles of wine (750 ml) in each opening. Magnums or larger bottles need a rack with larger spaces.

  • Tabletop: From small caddy boxes to wine displays to sculptural racks with colorful curved holders, tabletop racks fit on buffets, credenzas, countertops, and tables, holding a couple of bottles up to a dozen or more. These are ideal if you don't have a large collection of wine or if you want to keep a few bottles accessible on your dining room credenza while storing your larger collection elsewhere.
  • Freestanding: Put a floor rack up against a wall or fit a curved wine rack in a corner. Some look like bar carts with wheels. Others include a display top shelf that looks like it came straight from the wine store. These designs are best if you have a larger collection of wine that you'd like to display somewhere prominent, but you can still move them to different spaces in your home.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted: These are best for holding a few bottles and stemware. Some designs look like artwork for the wall. Some wall sets include a rack and shelf. If you want to keep your floorspace open in a smaller room, these designs are ideal because they don't take up any space on the floor.

What are the best materials, finishes, and styles for wine racks?

No matter the style of your home decor, there's a wine rack designed to match. The best option is the one you love, but it's also important to consider durability and design when making your decision.

  • Wood: Look for sturdy wood racks with stabilizing bars and compartments. Hardwoods are best to hold heavy bottles. Reclaimed woods are ideal for rustic and traditional interiors. Finishes on wood range from natural to ebony tones or cottage-style distressed paint.
  • Metal and wrought iron: Racks in metal or wrought iron are styled for rustic, industrial, and modern interiors. You'll find floral embossed designs, scrolled flourishes, and antiqued hand finishes. Some metal racks have marble tabletops for serving.

Where should I put my wine rack?

There are four important points to remember when it comes to wine rack placement. Consider these as you're thinking about where to place the rack in your home, especially if you haven't decided already. You might realize that the spot you were planning for your rack isn't ideal.

  • Avoid the kitchen: Though it seems logical, the kitchen is not the best place for a wine rack. Fluctuating temperatures, excessive heat, and sunlight can change the taste of the wine and create flavor imbalances.
  • Consider the basement: Place a wine rack in the basement, or at least in the most consistently cool part of your home. This can protect the wine from enduring the temperature fluctuations that change the flavors.
  • Closets are out: Never put a wine rack in a closed closet. Heat builds up inside closets and harms wine. Heat can also make corks shrink and cause bottles to leak.
  • Avoid windows: Harsh sunlight and UV rays can change the flavor of a bottle of wine even if it's on a rack behind closed doors.

Proper wine storage is important for keeping your prized bottles tasting exactly the way the vintner intended. And, a gorgeous wine rack can also become a design focal point in your home. Use this helpful information to select a space that's right for your wine — and a wine rack that's right for your space.