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  • How to find the right mantel for your fireplace
  • Most common fireplace mantel materials: wood, stone, and MDF
  • 3 simple steps for properly measuring for a fireplace mantel

Choosing the Right Fireplace Mantel

Your fireplace is a centerpiece in your home, a place where you gather and feel cozy and warm. Create a welcoming hearth with a mantel or surround that suits your space. Read on to learn our top tips to select the perfect mantel to make your home a comfy retreat.


To keep your space harmonious, select materials that coordinate with other materials you have in your space. For wood fireplace mantels, match tones to furniture or trim for a unified look, or consider a stone or marble finish in a complementary shade.


Mantels range from simple to ornate, and everywhere in between. Match the style of your mantel to the feel of your space – if you have a farmhouse or industrial feel, a rustic fireplace mantel would be right at home, while traditional rooms call for mantels with extra detailing for an upscale look. Also determine whether you want a classic mantel shelf or a fireplace surround that encompasses the whole hearth.


Make sure to select a mantel size that suits the flow of your room. For smaller spaces, go with a simpler design, while larger styles that take up more room are a better fit for big rooms or open plan spaces. Measure the available space and keep fire safety in mind by ensuring the mantel installed meets local building codes – these often require a minimum clearance between the fireplace and mantel.


Consider what you would like to display on or above your mantel. If you're going to hang a TV or a piece of artwork above your fireplace, account for extra room to ensure your hearth looks balanced. If you're placing photographs, vases, or mementos on the mantel, be sure it's deep enough for the pieces you wish to display. If you'd like to do both, be sure your treasured items don't overlap your TV or art.

At Hayneedle, you'll find fireplace mantels and surrounds that can elevate the look of your space and make your home feel even more comforting, whether you have a gas, wood-burning, or electric fireplace. Shop by style, length, finish, and more to find the perfect fit for you.