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8 Types of Beer Glasses

Classic & Modern Updates for Your Perfect Home Bar

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10 Must-Have Glasses for Your Home Bar

A fully stocked home bar goes beyond the bottles. Get the most out of your libations with proper barware essentials for beer, wine, and spirit drinkers. Read on for our top picks to help you serve drinks like a master mixologist right at home.

Pint Glasses 1. Pint glasses

Pint glasses are easily the most versatile workhorse of your home bar. Chill them in the freezer for frosty pints of beer, practice your double pours for a hearty cocktail, or serve up water and soda for non-drinkers. You can't go wrong with a collection of these classic glasses.

Wine Glasses 2. Wine Glasses

A bottle of red, a bottle of white … no matter your favorite wine, you can find the perfect glassware. Red wine glasses are generally taller with a larger bowl to best appreciate the flavor and aromas while white wine glasses are smaller to suit more delicate flavors. For a more modern take, consider stemless wine glasses.

Highball or Collins glasses 3. Highball or Collins glasses

Although choosy bartenders make a distinction, these chimney-style glasses are interchangeable for home use. Great for simple cocktails served over ice like a vodka-soda, the major difference between these glasses is capacity, with highballs holding a few ounces less than Collins glasses.

Rocks glasses 4. Rocks glasses

Also known as lowballs or tumblers, rocks glasses are another versatile essential for your home bar. For cocktails built within the glass like an old fashioned or spirits enjoyed on the rocks, these smaller-capacity glasses serve up drinks that pack a punch.

Martini glasses 5. Martini glasses

Shaken or stirred? You don't have to be a world-renowned spy or a gal looking for love in the big city to enjoy a drink from this unmistakable vessel also known as a cocktail glass. Whether you're serving up a classic gin martini or a crisp cosmopolitan, these are a must-have for any high-class home bar.

Shot glasses 6. Shot glasses

These aren't just a throwback to youthful indiscretions – shot glasses serve plenty of purposes. For a nip of a favorite spirit, a creative concoction, a celebratory moment, or just to help with proper measurements, a few shot glasses are always worth having in your collection.

Margarita glasses 7. Margarita glasses

If you or your guests are margarita lovers, or love frozen drinks in general, invest in a set of margarita glasses. This colorful drinkware provides plenty of rim space for salt, sugar, or other creative garnishes, and gives your bar some beachy flair.

Moscow Mule mugs 8. Moscow Mule mugs

Moscow Mules are moving on up, and the traditional copper cup they're served in prove to be an eye-catching addition to any bar. Branch out from traditional recipes and try new twists – copper mugs help keep cold drinks cold, and can even be used for hot drinks.

Specialized beer glasses 9. Specialized beer glasses

If you or your guests are craft-beer connoisseurs, look for stylized pilsner glasses with narrow bases and wide tops, tulip glasses for aromatic beers, and snifters great for high-ABV beers. Wheat beers demand a Weizen glass while beer goblets are perfect for malty beers. Check out our buying guide to learn how to select the ideal beer glasses for your tastes.

Champagne flutes 10. Champagne flutes

Generally relegated to special occasions, champagne flutes are good to keep on hand for holidays and parties. Don't hesitate to bring them out for a brunch bellini or other creative specialty cocktails to up your drink's wow factor.

Stock a few or all 10, and get ready to mix, pour, and savor your favorite drinks in these great glasses. Whether it's an after-work drink or an invite-only cocktail party, Hayneedle has everything you need to imbibe in style at prices to suit any budget.

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