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Commercial Popcorn Machines

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Commercial Popcorn Machines for Heavy Duty Popping!

Quantity and Quality
Commercial popcorn machines produce a popcorn quantity that's worthy of movie theater concession stands. But their popcorn quality is also a big hit no matter where they're found. An authentic, old-fashioned popcorn maker is the pop de resistance for home theater snacking. Waiting rooms, cafeterias and snack bars, office break rooms, restaurants and cafes, conference centers, youth groups, and even retail stores are just some of the many places where popcorn makers can add color and entertainment - and an irresistible temptation for passersby.

Measure up
Size is the biggest difference - no pun intended - between commercial popcorn poppers and home machines. The popping capacity, i.e. kettle size, of commercial popcorn makers can be as large as 20 to 60 ounces (an ounce of unpopped popcorn produces about 6 cups or 1 1/2 quarts; a 20-ounce popcorn maker can produce the equivalent of six large movie theater popcorns in one batch). A warming deck is an essential feature for large popcorn makers; it keeps popcorn from cooling as it's served.

Carnival fun, nostalgic style
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and test your taste buds with the delicious popcorn of a carnival-style popcorn machine. Carnival-style poppers, better known as popcorn carts, are the most popular vintage-style popcorn makers for homes and theaters. Nostalgia Electrics popcorn carts authentically set the scene for old-fashioned fun. Their bright red carts and glass displays turn popcorn making into its own form of entertainment.

Poppers for antique-style theater decor
As the old pre-show song said, "Let's all go to the lobby, to get ourselves a treat" (the popcorn can't be beat). Great Northern Popcorn is the brand that can't be beat for creating a classic, antique-style theater lobby. Their vintage cart-style popcorn machines come in retro red and black, with antique-style glass lettering and period-style decals. They're easy to use and clean as well, thanks to features such as an "old-maid" drawer for un-popped kernels, and three switches for independent control of the stirrer, heating element, and hot lamp.

Color and convenience for quirky kitchens
Businesses and large home theaters may be the main venues for commercial popcorn makers, but our tabletop and countertop machines can also make unique accent pieces in vintage-style kitchens. A popcorn machine is a fun appliance for family movie night, and for creating a carnivalesque atmosphere at themed kids parties - after all, who enjoys watching a microwave popcorn bag expand?