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Popcorn Supplies

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Add Flavor to Your Popcorn with Some Accessories

Pop with precision
No measuring cups. No guesstimating. No under- or over-sized batches. With popcorn portion packs, you can pop the same amount of popcorn every time, which makes party planning a cinch, especially if you have a high-capacity popcorn machine. Popcorn machine pouches include everything you need for delicious homemade popcorn, including oil and seasoning. An 8-ounce pack produces 4 gallons of popcorn, or just over three theater-sized large popcorns.

Try toppings for exotic tastes
Butter? That's a basic. For the true gourmet popcorn making experience, you need a smorgasbord of toppings and seasonings. Our cheese topping, caramel topping, and popcorn seasoning selection lets you customize popcorn to your tastes, or experiment with popcorn recipes that are too exotic for movie theaters. Try popcorn flavorings such as jalapeno, ranch, barbeque, and more for a true mix of movie and culinary magic.

Easy, food-safe popcorn machine cleaning
Cleaning solutions and food preparation appliances can be a tricky combination. Not every cleaning product is food-friendly. But with popcorn machine cleaning kits, you can skip the label reading and go right to food-safe cleaning. Our kits include all the supplies you need to quickly and safely cut through the oily and buttery residue of popcorn parties and movie marathons.

Popcorn sights for your popcorn's sounds
Movie theater-style popcorn isn't just about taste. It's also about atmosphere. Complement your vintage carnival-style popcorn maker with popcorn-themed signs and serving trays that turn home theaters and living rooms into colorful concession stands (though to be really authentic, you'd have to charge $8 a bag). If you want to conga line and sing, "Let's all go to the lobby," before the show starts, that's totally up to you.

Get the inside scoop
Here's the scoop. No, really, here's the scoop. You're gonna need it. Popcorn scoops may not be the first thing you think of as essential popcorn-making equipment, but then you've probably never tried to extract popcorn from a popcorn machine without one (in a word, butterfingers). Fast, efficient, clean, and sanitary, a popcorn scoop is shaped just right for scooping and filling.

Classic popcorn bags
For kids eating popcorn at a theater or carnival, the bag can be a memorable part of the experience. There's the long, thin, white bags of popcorn cart vendors, the clown-decorated bags of circuses, and the classic red striped bags of theaters and carnivals. Our popcorn bags, popcorn boxes, and tubs offer styles for kids young and old to form new memories and relive treasured ones.