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Desk Lamps

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Lighting Up Your Work Space with a Desk Lamp

Good indoor lighting is vital even when it's still bright outside. Whether you're finishing up an article or jotting down some notes for the next day, you need to have enough light to see by as you work. A reliable desk lamp brightens up your space, and picking the right one makes it possible for you to work comfortably throughout the day.

What size desk lamp do I need?

When using a desk lamp for either task lighting or general desk lighting, size and placement are pretty important. These lamps vary in height which make them great options for illuminating both large and small office desks. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind when selecting your own desk lamp.

  • Task Lighting: to reduce annoying shadows, place the desk lamp on the side opposite of your dominant hand. So if you're right handed position the lamp on the left side, while any left-handers will want to place it on the right. You can even use a small mirror on the area where you'll be working to check for any strong light that might bounce up into your eyes. If the mirror reflects the light too brightly, consider altering the lamp's placement to avoid constant glare.
  • Small Office Desks: if you're working with a limited surface area, a small desk lamp should provide enough light for you to work by. Make sure the lamp illuminates the entire desk and is able to reach key parts, such as the computer screen or the space where you'll do most of your reading and writing. Lamps with a desk clamp or those that are wall-mounted are good options for small spaces, too.
  • Large Office Desks: for desks with quite a bit of surface area, you can play around with your options. Consider pairing a couple lamps or look to a taller desk lamp for more reach. It's wise to note that the bottom of any shade should sit no higher than eye level, this helps reduce direct glare from the bulb. You can also find a desk lamp with an adjustable head or adjustable arm that allows you to extend the light source and direct it to where you need it most.

What are some features I should look for in a desk lamp?

Many desk lamps come with special features, such as an adjustable arm, a dimmer switch, or even a data port. Most lamps should have at least two settings for the strength of the light: low and high. With the touch of a button you can change the brightness, letting you adjust it according to the task you're doing and what's happening in the room around you. Since lighting conditions can change often, the ability to adjust the fixture's position and strength is important.

Desk lamps allow you to see the task at hand and provide localized light that relieves the strain on your eyes. With the right desk lamp for your space you'll be able to keep working through the day, even when the rest of the room is dark. This versatility is great for busy lives, giving you more options in terms of how and when you work.

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