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Multifunctional Furniture for the Patio

Setting up the patio as a complete outdoor entertaining area doesn’t mean you have to have a huge budget or an expansive space with room for individual conversation, dining, and lounging zones. A single multifunctional patio set is a clever, cost-effective way to maximize both space and seating components to host every type of outdoor gathering.

Published April 13, 2016 | By | Share

Multifunctional outdoor sets are outdoor furniture pieces that can be used in multiple ways. Watch the video to see how...

The Pieces

Most multifunctional sets start with conversation-style seating – a sectional sofa or loveseat with an ottoman or coffee table. Also available are coordinating pieces – a dining table, a fire pit table, and possibly spare chairs or sectional units to extend lounging space. Pick and choose what best suits your patio, party schedule, and storage capacity. Shop the multifunctional patio sets available at Hayneedle below.

The Possibilities

The true benefit of choosing a multifunctional set is in quick-change versatility. Choose a set with a coffee or dining table and add a fire pit table, and you can easily exchange the tables based on the type of entertaining you’ll be doing. Repurposing is easy – move a fire pit table to the center of the seating arrangement and situate a dining or coffee table to the side or back of the sectional for use as a sideboard or cocktail station. Ottomans can quickly become impromptu serving surfaces, as well, if they’re not already beckoning friends to sit and sip.

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