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Garden Arbors

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More Information on Garden Arbors

  • Details about various arbor styles
  • Tips to select the right size and material option
  • Plant pairings to enhance the look

Elevate Your Garden’s Beauty

Cultivate a picturesque landscape with a beautiful arbor. These outdoor frames can be used to define a walkway or garden entrance, or to add another dimension to ground-level plantings. We have a wide selection of arbors in various materials and styles. Choose the perfect design to create a garden scene with classic elegance.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron arbors are steeped in artistic tradition. Iron has been worked into delicately scrolled and flourished fencing, gates, and trellises for centuries. This ornate look adds timeless beauty to any garden area.


Mild steel construction is a strong and economical choice. Some steel designs emulate the ornate wrought iron looks of the past, while others offer more contemporary options. Steel is a good choice for bench and swing models for years of durable strength.


Vinyl is a great low-maintenance option. UV protection ensures they will not fade or crack, and they can simply be hosed off with water for a bright, clean appearance. Vinyl styles are often white, so choosing this style can create a cohesive landscape with a white house or white fencing.


Wood lends a natural look to your yard or garden. This style is often made from cedar for outdoor durability. Wood arbors can be stained, painted, or left natural. Untreated cedar will age to an attractive silver grey, or you can use a wood sealant to preserve the bright cedar color. These styles can be a perfect complement to a wood deck or other yard elements, like natural wood fencing or garden borders.

Gabled, Arched, or Flat

Consider what you prefer, as gabled, arched, or flat styles all produce a different effect. Arched designs are a classic choice, while gabled peaks add a twist of visual interest. Flat pergola arbors can evoke a traditional cottage or Asian aesthetic.

Gates, Benches, and Swings

Location will help determine what features you choose. As the welcoming fixture for a yard or garden, a gated style may the perfect look. Bench and swing designs can create a cozy alcove within the garden, offering protected seating while supporting vining plants.


There are many climbing plants that will make good use of this new, supportive frame. Some favorite lowering vines include sweet autumn clematis, climbing hydrangea, wisteria, roses, and honeysuckle.


Finish the look with key accessories. Planter boxes or side wings can help to visually anchor your new arch. Also, doors can be added to many open designs to transform them into a gated garden entrance.