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Patio Awnings

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Awnings, Patio Awnings, Window Awnings, and Awnings for Sale

Stay cool in the shade with an awning for your home. Patio awnings offer shade for your outdoor space, while window awnings help reduce the sun’s glare and keep your rooms cool. Hayneedle carries a wide selection of awnings for sale so you can find the perfect awnings for your home.

Styles of Awnings

The main types of awnings are: fixed awnings, free standing awnings, motorized awnings, retractable awnings, and window awnings. Each type of awning comes in a range of colors, designs and materials including acrylic, aluminum, and fabric. Browse Hayneedle’s variety of home awnings to find functional and stylish options for your home.

Looking for a patio awning? You will want to consider how the awning will be used as you choose a style. A fixed awning becomes a permanent patio cover that offers shade in warm weather and protection from rain and snow, too. A motorized or retractable awning gives you the flexibility to collapse and store the awning when not in use. Motorized awnings operate at the touch or a button, while retractable awnings can have a crank operation. Colors and fabrics vary, so you can design the perfect awning for your patio that complements your home.

Window awnings are a great investment to help your home’s energy efficiency. Keep the sun from running up your cooling bills with window awnings and door awnings. Choose from classic styles including striped awnings and retro awnings. Choose retractable window awnings for flexibility and select just the right color awning to match your home’s exterior. Hayneedle offers many design options of beautiful awnings to enhance your home’s value and curb appeal.

Awnings are Cool When Things Get Hot

1. Buying an awning isn't an expense - it's a savings. Window awnings are rated as "energy savers" by the U.S. Department of Energy. According to the DOE, awnings can reduce a home's solar heat gain in summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows. To save on summer AC, put up an awning.

2. Window awnings are both energy savers and window decorators, adding color and curb appeal while reducing utility costs. When choosing a window awning size, keep the compass in mind. The U.S. DOE recommends small, horizontal awnings for south windows. Downward-extending large awnings are better for the low-angle sunlight of east and west windows.

3. It's going to be a beautifully sunny day. Oops, take that back. Retractable awnings are best for those days when the sun plays peekaboo with the clouds. A retractable awning also lets you suit the sun to your patio activities: up for tanning, down for shady relaxing.

4. Fixed awnings, aka stationary awnings, are a wise investment for windows where daily sunlight can cause fading of furniture, carpet, and interior decor. They're also useful as door awnings, where they protect your entryway - and entrants - from snow, ice, rain, and sun.

5. Sunlight isn't the only nemesis that's defeated by the high-tech convenience of motorized awnings. A motorized awning with a remote or an indoor or outdoor switch would keep you dry from start to finish of rainy-day patio BBQing. Some models even feature weather sensors to help protect your house and maximize your energy savings when you're not around.

6. Big patios need big shade, and no shade is bigger than a freestanding awning. Freestanding awnings are the sun-blocking solution for areas where permanent shade installation isn't feasible. They're also perfect for outdoor entertaining, covering decks, picnic tables, BBQ stations, poolsides, bistro sets, and much more.

7. One of the lifestyle advantages of awnings is their ability to transform patios into stylish outdoor rooms. Our fabric awnings offer a wide range of designer colors and styles to match with your outdoor furniture. A conversation set paired with an awning and outdoor room divider - now that's a posh patio.

8. Today's fabric awnings are more durable than ever, offering water-repelling, UV-blocking, fade-free performance. Regular awning maintenance is important, however, and will help prevent sagging and water pooling. Simply sweep your awning clear of debris whenever visible, and wash dirty areas with mild soap and lukewarm water.