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Patio Conversation Sets

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Enjoy Your Backyard with a Stylish Patio Conversation Set

A patio conversation set works as a multi-purpose outdoor furniture set. Friends and family can come together in the backyard or garden to eat, share some drinks, relax, play games or just chat. Unlike a formal patio dining set, the conversation set is designed more for comfort and sectional seating. Just like its name suggests, the patio conversation set is all about socializing.

Can I use a conversation patio set for dining?

Though dining isn't the main purpose of a conversation set, most tables have some space for plates or at least a few drinks. At best, these are great for informal dining or cocktail parties, because many of these outdoor tables also feature a little fire pit, or they're upholstered like ottomans instead of plate-holders. Of course, with the right combination of seating and surfaces, dinner is possible anywhere!

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What style can I create with patio conversation sets?

Mid-century modern patio furniture is very popular, featuring clean lines and minimalism with just a touch of luxury. White and neutral colors are most commonly associated with mid-century furniture. Craftsman design, on the other hand, also called Mission style, features wooden panels whose grains are accentuated with typically reddish-brown varnish. For a more relaxed and casual option, take a look at rustic-style conversation sets made with thin strips of teak, aluminum, or woven fibers.

Can large groups fit on a conversation set?

Since conversations patio sets are often pieced together with sectional sofas, benches and cube seating, there's a lot of flexibility in terms of how many people can gather together at one time. Cozy 5 piece sets can comfortably accommodate 4 people, while larger 6 piece sets with three or four sectional sofas can fit up to 10 people. There's no limit, so long as the outdoor space is large enough to accommodate all of the inviting seats. Also, given the mobile nature of pieces in a conversation set, it is always possible to scale the area down or up as needed. Move a few sofa sections away to create a romantic outdoor spot; or bring one out from storage to make room for a big party.

What materials are best for outdoor furniture sets?

Any upholstered lounge furniture such as seats and ottomans should be manufactured with a specially-woven fabric that can withstand sun, rain, and a few spills without falling to pieces. As for the structure of the furniture, it matters mostly what sort of climate it will be subjected to. A humid climate is very rough on metal structure, while direct sunlight is not ideal for plastics. For places where it may rain look for resin wicker patio sets and natural fibers. In dry climates, aluminum and wrought iron patio sets are better options.

Conversation sets make it easy to relax with loved ones while getting fresh air. Use these helpful tips to decide on a set that you love.

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