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Dig It: All About Planters

Your favorite flowers and greenery deserve their own happy home, and with Hayneedle's vast selection of planters, you'll find the right size, style, and shape to suit your space. From planter boxes to hanging planters, we have the styles you’ll want for your front porch, patio, or deck – and indoor use as well.

What type of planter should I choose?

For a dramatic look, planter boxes and large planters catch the eye and provide space for different types of plants to grow together. Some are simply designed with a traditional look while others include trellises and even benches to serve double duty.

If you're working with a smaller space, hanging planters can help you make the most out of unused areas, accent an entryway, or add a pop of nature indoors. You can also exercise your green thumb with a minimal footprint with a deck or railing box, a traditional window box, or wall planter.

Still a novice gardener? Try a low-maintenance, self-watering planter. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, and let you grow flowers, plants, and herbs with less guesswork – just remember to refill the reservoir regularly. For herb gardening and vegetable planter options, browse our selection of Raised Bed & Container Gardening ideas.

What material should I choose for an outdoor planter?

Consider the seasonal weather conditions in your area when choosing the material. If you live in a windy climate consider ceramic, cast stone, wood, metal, or concrete planters heavy enough to withstand the elements. Plastic, clay, fiberglass, resin, wicker, or vinyl planters are best suited to mild climates.

Plastic planters are inexpensive, uncompromising when exposed to the elements, and readily available in styles to suit every taste. Plastic can easily resemble organic materials like wood and stone or make a statement with fanciful colors, unique patterns, and surprising textures. These planters are easy to move, yet tough enough to not crack or blow away in breezy conditions.

Stone planters are another popular choice that can weather almost any weather condition, including harsh climates. These planters are much heavier than plastic, so you'll want to think carefully before placing your container. Stone exudes classic elegance, wears distress well, and won't ever go out of fashion. Reconstructed or cast stone options are just as robust as natural stone and make for a budget-conscious option.

Clay planters are inexpensive and an icon of garden culture. Unglazed clay pots and planters are porous and don't hold water as well as plastic or wood, so they are best for those who either live in wet climates or make a point of regularly watering. Glazed clay retains water better and boasts a unique glossy aesthetic and color options. Clay is fragile and won't withstand impact like stone or high-density plastic. It's also sensitive to subtle temperature shifts, so reserve these for indoor greenery, displaying them outdoors only in mild weather.

Wood planters are extremely versatile in both style and utility and evoke rustic simplicity. They retain heat better than other materials, conserving water by maintaining soil moisture levels. Treated wood won't rot or split and holds fast through erratic weather conditions almost as well as stone. Wood varies by species – pine is less durable than cedar or teak, and redwood won't rot or attract hungry insects. Know your environment to choose the right wood for your space.

What planter shape should I choose?

The shape of the planter is often determined by the style you prefer, as well as the location. Round and square planters look great framing a doorway or garden entryway. Rectangular planters can be used to line a walkway or create a border on your patio or deck. Decorative shapes including oval, fishbowl, and triangle planters are fun accent pieces you can use to enhance any space.

Now that you're in the know, you're ready to grow. Explore Hayneedle's selection of thousands of planters – including our unique, affordable designs by Belham Living and Coral Coast – and find the perfect planter for your space.

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