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Lawn & Garden Tools

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Tools To Get Going In The Garden

Much like painting a picture for pleasure or cooking for the pure joy of it, gardening is often considered relaxing and even therapeutic … and you'll gain a sense of accomplishment as you gaze at your gorgeous flowers or enjoy homegrown herbs, veggies, and fruit for your own culinary concoctions. Yet, as with any craft, you need the right tools to proceed with ease and get the results you want. makes it easy to find just what you need with our generous selection of garden tools and supplies.

Trowels Trump

Although top-tool lists tend to vary, some tools resurfaced again and again as garden gear must-haves. Trowels were list toppers, and you can find a variety of them, from the classic SMV Hand Trowel to a satisfying selection found in our gardening kits and tool sets. Trowels have pointed ends that are perfect for small-scale digging, transplanting seedlings, and transporting soil and fertilizer from bag to pot or plot.

Handy Hand Forks

If using a fork in your yard sounds as silly as using a rake to cook dinner, think again! Hand forks lend a much-needed hand by loosening up soil, which helps when weeding. Hand forks are also great for turning over soil, breaking up clods, and dividing perennials, plus, they don't cut through roots. Forge ahead with our Flexrake Classic Hand Fork, Yeoman Stainless Steel Hand Fork, and more!

Make Progress With Pruners And Loppers

Keep shrubs, bushes, and small trees neat, within bounds, and healthier, or improve a plant's fruit-bearing ability by trimming it with pruners, perfect for using with one hand - or tackle trees or thicker, larger plants with loppers, which you use with both hands. Due to where the blade closes, bypass pruners and loppers make cleaner cuts than anvil types and should be used for cuts that affect the plant's health. Anvil pruners and loppers should be used for removal, including cutting dead plant material, thinning, or making preparatory, shortening cuts before making final clean cuts.

Why You Need Wheelbarrows

Sure you're in shape, but be smart about transporting hard-to-hold, heavy bags of soil or peat moss with the assistance of a wheelbarrow – your back will thank you! Or, tote around your tools, potted plants, and even debris with a wheelbarrow, cart, or wagon. As you'll be trekking through dirt and piling your supplies, make sure to get a durable wheelbarrow that will withstand the wear and tear of hard work.

Get Your Garden – And Yourself – In Check

From rakes and hoes to shears and spades, you'll find basics that you need here, plus gardening gear such as knee pads, stools, plant supports, and so much more. Take the time to determine your essential tools list, start collecting, and have them readily in tow, for a smooth, easy process to make your garden grow.