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Hammock Stands

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A Quick Guide to Shopping for Hammock Stands

There are few things more relaxing than kicking back in your yard on a hammock with a cold drink and a good book on a warm summer day. But before you can do this, you have to decide where in your yard to hang your hammock. Our guide to shopping for hammock stands can take you through that process so you have an outdoor space to enjoy some peace and quiet by next weekend.

Do I need a hammock stand?

Technically, you can mount your hammock on trees or posts using hanging kits or tree straps. This is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a lot of space to add a stand or for someone who has a wooded backyard with plenty of sturdy trees.

However, hammock stands offer you a little more flexibility, support, and security. You can place your hammock under a covered patio or porch or move many stands from place to place throughout your backyard. Some people just feel as if a stand offers more support and ease of mind than a tree and allows you to .

What about spreader bars?

When you buy a hammock stand, you need to know if your hammock has spreader bars or not. These are bars usually made from wood or nylon that are connected to the ends of the hammock to keep the surface flat. Otherwise, the fabric will curve around you when you lie down. Select a stand for hammocks with spreader bars to ensure its compatible.

What size hammock stand do I need?

Of course, the second-most important thing to consider when shopping for hammock stands is the size. You'll need to know the length of your hammock, and then you'll want to add two feet. For example:

  • If your hammock is 10 feet long, choose one that is 12 feet long
  • If your hammock is 11 feet long, buy a stand that is 13 feet long

Once know you know what size you need, you'll need to measure your yard or patio to determine if it will fit in your desired space. You'll also want to check the stand's capacity to determine if it's strong enough to hold your weight and won't buckle when you are climbing in and out of it.

What hammock stand material should I consider?

Once you know the size and whether or not you need spreader bars, you'll need to determine what material you want your hammock stand to be made from. A wood stand is pretty and more decorative, but it can be a little more costly. It may also require some maintenance to keep it weather resistant. A steel stand may not look as nice, but it's less expensive and very durable.

Adding a hammock to your yard is the ultimate way to relax outdoors. Choosing the right hammock stand adds extra security and versatility to your hammock so that you can rest even easier.

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