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Patio Furniture Covers

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Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture Covers

Your patio furniture is an investment in your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Take great care of your patio furniture and help it last for years by selecting durable outdoor covers that protect each piece when you're not using it. There's no need to haul all that furniture into storage when the weather gets frightful; simply slip on your covers and wait for the sunshine to return. As you shop, think about cover materials, sizing, and helpful features.

What is the best material for patio furniture covers?

Outdoor furniture covers come in colors and materials that help keep your patio looking fresh even when they're concealing your individual pieces. Look for fabrics like RhinoWeave that are hardy and resistant to snow, rain, and wind. It's also important to choose UV-resistant covers that won't fade while they sit out in the sun. Sunlight can degrade some fabrics over time and reduce their durability, but UV-resistant fabrics can stand up to the exposure.

How do I find the best fit for my outdoor furniture covers?

Like clothes for your outdoor furniture, covers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Outdoor covers for your patio chairs, tables, sofas, and chaise lounges can fit like a glove — or sort of like a poncho, if you prefer. Some covers are generically sized to fit over almost all dining chairs or most tables. They don't match the exact dimensions of your pieces. These are helpful options because they're easy to put on and take off. Plus, you don't have to worry about measuring to ensure the right fit. These are a little looser with their one-size-fits-all construction, so they may hold leaves or small puddles of water.

Covers are also available in tailored, specific sizes. These fit snugly over your furniture, whether you have Adirondack chairs or benches. You'll need to measure each piece to make sure the cover can fit. Often, these covers have smartly sized panels that fit tautly over your furniture to eliminate sagging.

What type of cover should I choose?

When it comes to features, these furniture accessories have you covered. Think about ease of use in putting on and taking off the covers. If you live in an area that sees a lot of weather variations or is prone to summertime squalls, elastic hems make it easy to slip the covers on without needing to fasten anything. However, if you're looking for something more secure for long-term storage, ties or Velcro straps keep your covers tightly in place.

Does your town get blustery? Look for covers with built-in air vents. Not only do these features keep moisture from condensing on your furniture, but they also help air pass through the covers so they don't blow up, up, and away.

It's absolutely fine if your covered patio furniture sits out in the rain. Choose covers with piping along the edges. This feature acts like a miniature gutter, channeling rainwater down and off of your furniture. It can also add decorative detailing and contrast to the covers' seams.

The best outdoor furniture covers give you the peace of mind that every piece is protected. Keep your patio furniture protected, and you'll be able to enjoy its high-quality comfort for years.

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